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(courts beside the Cumberland Arena on Dunning Road)

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Cumberland Village.

Cumberland Village Tennis, anyone?

A Cumberland hidden treasure - great courts (Photo-Meikle)

Registraion for the Cumberland Tennis Club usually takes place in early May. If you miss the registration, you can contact Jim Girardin at: 613.833.2855.

(Cumberland Village) The folks who look after the Cumberland Village Tennis courts, adjacent the Cumberland Arena on Dunning, are looking for new members.

Donna Girardin tells us that the club has been going for about 20 years. Before there were courts they used to play in the arena, she says.

Over the years the membership has declined considerably to the point that there are now only about 20 members, hardly enough to support the cost of maintenance or to keep the lights on for evening play.

Fortunately the Cumberland Lions Club have stepped in to sponsor the club and keep it going, however more members are needed.

If you are interested you can contact either Donna or Jim Girardin at 833-2855, or send them an e-mail.

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Cumberland Village Tennis
( Sponsored by the Cumberland Lions Club )

Family - $30.00
Single - $15
Junior (under 12) - $10
Key deposit - $5


Jim/Donna Girardin 833-2855

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