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Preparations beginning for our next meeting
Infocomm technology helping persons with disabilities
Read our mandate, goals and objectives
Barrier Free Committee - Inaugural Meeting

Preparations beginning for next meeting
Brenden Johnstone, vice-chairperson of the Barrier Free Committee tells us that they are starting preparations for their next meeting as there are a lot of new things to discuss, especially with the new mayor, federal elections, CR Transpo as well as other business that needs their immediate attention.

He's hoping for a date towards the end of the July or the beginning of August. He is also asking us to pass along information about the committee to friends and others who may have a disability or to anyone who may want to help.

"I believe strongly that the more people we have, the larger and better our outcome," he says. "If anyone should need information about the committee to pass along to friends or others please do not hesitate to give me a call at any of the following numbers or to my e-mail address."

Brenden Johnstone, vice-chair, Barrier Free Committee
Home: 613-446-6940 - Cellular: 613-796-6940
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Barrier Free Committee formed
On Sunday, October 26, 2003, the first meeting of the Clarence- Rockland Barrier Free Committee (BFC) took place at the Grenon Independent Store in the "Upstairs" community room which is totally accessible.

This informal meeting was scheduled for persons with disabilities, and persons interested in helping people with disabilities to meet each other and to discuss how they could advocate for a better quality of life for persons with disabilities in the Clarence-Rockland area.

The leading force behind the BFC is Rockland resident
Rachelle Halpenny who is the Chairperson. The organization has since taken on the title of Barrier Free for All/Chemin Libre pour Tous.
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Our Mandate
More information
Disabled person with a cane

Meeting Notes

The next meeting is scheduled for:

Disabled person with a cane

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The information and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Barrier Free organization.
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Hi, my name is Jane. Click on this picture to learn more!Infocomm technology and services provide persons with disabilities various possibilities to overcome their handicap to achieve greater independence and enhanced employability. In line with IDA’s goal to build an e-inclusive society when everyone, regardless of age, language, social educational background, or ability has equal opportunity to leverage on infocomm technology and enjoy its benefits, we have developed an e-lifestyle programme to empower persons with disabilities to embrace an e-lifestyle. Click on Picture!

This site will take you through initiatives organised by IDA and our partners to improve access to infocomm technology for persons with disabilities.
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Our mandate is to advocate for a barrier free
environment for citizens with disabilities in the
Clarence-Rockland municipality.

Our goals and objectives are:

To increase the level of awareness of issues in the municipality by communicating through public relations mechanisms.

To provide advice to the municipality regarding issues for persons with disability.

To educate and assist the municipality regarding how to obtain grants in making facilities accessible and accessing special equipment.

To report any incidents of oversights or inaccessibility to the municipality along with recommendations for corrections/solutions.

To network with groups such as ours in other municipalities to exchange ideas and information.

To establish a dialogue and communication mechanism with ODA (Ontario Disability Act) legislative body who represent persons with disabilities.

To create and maintain a Web page on the Internet to improve the communication of information concerning persons with disabilities.

We welcome new members.
Membership is not restricted to persons with disabilities.
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For more information you may contact:

Rachelle Halpenny
Work : 613-954-6979

Brenden Johnstone
613-446-6940 - Cellular: 613-796-6940

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