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(Canaan Road Clean-up Day - May 23, 2009)

Canaan Crews clean up road for Monique

Monique LussierChalk up another successful Canaan Road Clean-up Day thanks to the 16 volunteers who showed up from the Canaan, Blue Jay Ridge and Forest Hill areas on Saturday. This is the sixth year that local residents have been cleaning up Canaan Road. We started the annual venture in 2002, missing 2007 due to a family illness.

This year the First Annual Monique Lussier Memorial Clean-Up Day was dedicated to the memory of Blue Jay resident, Monique Lussier, who passed away from cancer in January.

The volunteers included:
Forest Hill: Tony, Denis and Colin Weir; Mel and Lucie Tejano with grandson Umi-Vtio; Dave, Carol, Michael, Levi and Elise O'Neil.
Blue Jay Ridge: Mario Lacoursiere; James Meikle
Canaan Road: Morlen and Brigitte Reynolds

A special thanks goes to:

  • Morlen and Brigitte Reynolds who hosted the clean-up party at their Canaan Blueberry Farm and provided the liquid refreshements.
  • Anabel Associates who provided the pizza and early morning refreshments
  • Forest Hill resident Brent Neidy, always an annual volunteer was unable to make it due to a family commitment, however Brent did deliver a welcomed case of Gatorade
  • Clarence-Rockland Environment Manager Denis Longpré for the road warning signs and other supplies
  • City of Ottawa's Megan Soper, Green Partnership Program, for safety vests, grabbers and other supplies
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK for picking up the refuse and recycled material we picked up along Canaan Road.

(l-to-r: Dave O'Neil, Mario Lacoursiere, Michael O'Neil)

"We cleaned up on both sides of Canaan Road from Highway 174 south to the Eaglewoods Golf Center," says organizer Patrick Meikle. "Last year we had twice as many volunteers but this year we had far less junk to pick up, so the clean-up took about the same amount of time. And it was good to see that there was less garbage. We hope that drivers along our road are getting the message not to litter."

(NOTE: These photos, taken by Patrick Meikle, have been reduced in size for quicker
Internet access. If anyone wants the originals, please let me know and I will be happy
to provide them for free. -pwm)

(l-to-r: Colin, Denis and Tony Weir; Mario Lacoursiere)

(The O'Neil Family, l-to-r: Michael, Levi, Carol, Dave, and Elise)

(l-to-r: Morlen Reynolds, "Crockett", Lucie and Mel Tejano)

(l-to-r: Lucie Tejano with youngest volunteer, grandson Umi-Vito) 

Time to relax!

A bonus: Finding a Pink Trillium along the road.

Umi-Vito rails for the camera.

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