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The Clarence-Rockland Public Library Board usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month at the Rockland Branch (YMCA building), 1525 avenue du Parc. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m.
Call ahead to make sure the meeting is on: 613-446-5680.

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Clarence-Rockland Public Library offers an "Ancestry" exclusive
Used Book Sale
March is giveaway month for magazines and periodicals
If you love your library you can help - buy a magazine subscription
Still hope for the Hammond Library (from a French headline)
Davinci Code still available
Clarence-Rockland Public Libraries - a treasure to be used

Clarence-Rockland Public Library "Ancestry" exclusive
Are you interested in your family history?

(Wednesday, June 27, 2012) The Clarence-Rockland Public Library has recently installed Ancestry Library Edition software on its computers. It is only accessible on the Library's computers. It is part of the larger Ancestry.com system that is available online and which is being heavily advertised on national television. The difference is that this library version is completely free. Here we see Nanci Bolduc, our local library reference and programming person, demonstrating the software to the Canaan Connexion.(Photo - Patrick Meikle)

Click here to view a "Basic Guide to Ancestry Library Edition". (This guide comes from an American library with a similar facility. The -Clarence-Rockland Public Library does not charge for the computer usage, however if a number of people are waiting to use the in-house computers, there may be a time limit for individual use.

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Thursday May 31 to Saturday June 2 - C-R Public Library
Used book sale - 900 books!!

The Clarence-Rockland Public Library is holding a huge book sale this week from Thursday to Saturday.

They have around 900 books that cover fiction, nonfiction, children, and graphic novels in both French and English,
something for everyone! The books are in good condition and you may just find some real treasures among them.

For more information you can contact the library at 613.446.5680, or by email at biblioinfo@biblibclarence-rockland.ca.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday - 10 am to 8 pm
  • Friday - 10 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday -  10 am to 2 pm

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March is giveaway month for magazines and periodicals

(March 2012) Every year in March, the Clarence-Rockland Public Library clears out old magazines that are at least two years old. This year was no exception. Hundreds of magazines were put out for patrons to pick up for free.

The titles are both in English and in French, and include: Good Times, Dogs in Canada, Reader's Digest, Sélection, Paris Match, L'actualité, ELLE Québec, Chasse-Pêche, Enfants, Québec Science, Geo (similar to National Geographic), Le Chaînon (la revue patrimoniale franco-ontarienne), just to name a few.

The selection went pretty fast so if you missed out, you may want to put a note in your calendar for next year. It's a great opportunity to pick up information and reading material that you might not otherwise have available... and did we say it was for free?!

You are also reminded that the library has a good selection of magazines and periodicals that you can read anytime you visit. If there is a title that you do not see, you can even help out the library by purchasing a subscription so that you and others can enjoy the publication.

Need some ideas for magazine titles? Click here.
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If you love your library, you can help

(February 2012) February is Valentine's month and this year, Nancie Bolduc, Service Representative, Reference and Programming, put together a theme table called "Loving Your Library". The display included packages of romance novels for sale, as well as a unique and creative display of real and faux-flowers made up of magazine covers.

The magazine covers came with an invitation for library patrons to assist our library in purchasing a magazine subscription for one year. With budget cuts, our library is not able to purchase all the things it needs, so it is looking for assistance for a few things like the subscriptions.

If you missed this opportunity, you can still help out by picking up a one-year subscription. It could be for one of the magazines that the library has suggested, or it could be your favourite magazine that the library may not carry. If you can help, please visit the library, or call 613-446-5680.
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Still hope for the Hammond Library

(Note: This article was originally published in French, in the Thursday, October 27, 2011 edition of the bimonthly Rockland newspaper, L'Echo and is taken from a blog called: "Les mots pour le dire" by journalist Benjamin Vachet. Original article from blog.)
La bibliothèque de Hammond a fermé ses portes, comme prévu, le 17 octobre dernier. Mais un petit comité de citoyens travaille encore à lui trouver une nouvelle terre d’accueil.

(In a hurry, so this is a rough translation using Google translate)

The Hammond Library closed as scheduled on October 17, but a small citizens' committee is still working to find a new home.

The board of directors of the public library beyond Cité de Clarence-Rockland is not reversed its decision. Pointing to the inadequacy of the library premises of Hammond, the latter realized the vote of September 14 by closing the premises of the branch, after a final opening Monday, October 17.

But residents have not said their last word. As suggested by City Council in early October, a committee was formed to meet the board.

The meeting of October 12 will be allowed the small group of citizens, composed of counselor Rene Campeau, Serge Brazeau and Monique Henrie, keep a little hope to keep a branch library in Hammond.

In the absence of the CEO, Daniel Noël, on leave, Danielle Denis said: "There are still discussions. If the committee finds a suitable local, toll, it will be possible to move the library."

The committee has until 1 January to present his proposal.

The President of the Board, Sylvie Archambault, remember the issue: "We reminded the committee the problems that led us to make that decision. The room was too small, not accessible to disabled people, there was no connection for the phone, no bathroom and for some time, we noted a certain sloppiness in the sort of books ".

It shows very cautious about the outcome of this case: "We have asked the committee to do its part. They must find a new home that will meet the standards, but also to find money to the cost of the room, its operating costs and possibly, too, purchase new books. Everything depends on the citizens because we have unfortunately not in a prosecution. Maybe the community could help?".

Monique Henrie, the committee does not wish to reveal the steps taken. It wants, however combative, "We visit premises but it is too early to say more. Although we prefer to remain cautious, there is still hope. The ball is in our court. We will not let go!".
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Davinci Code still available

Article published in the edition of Thursday, October 27, 2011 the bimonthly journal of Rockland, The Echo.hurch organizations, then you have just come out of a deep coma or have spent the last few years without radio, television or human contact. Try to borrow it from the Ottawa Public Library and you will find yourself 153rd on the waiting list and at three weeks per person you might be lucky to get your mitts on the book by 2014.

The book has spawned a whole new confederacy of conspiracy theories which has actually forced the closure of some churches and sites described in the book because avid followers believe the “Code’ to be true and have actually overturned tombstones and damaged religious artifacts looking for the “Holy Grail”.

So you can imagine my delight when I visited our own
Clarence- Rockland Public Library last month and had the hard-cover version of Brown’s phenomenon handed to me free, over the counter on first inquiry. Sadly I only read to Chapter 50 when my three weeks came racing to a close. This time my request was not so fortuitous... I am on the waiting list!

However as consolation I was able to borrow Brown’s previous book
Angels and Demons. Not quite the page turner that Davinci proved to be, and there is something about reading a story when you know that nothing bad is going to happen to the main character because he appears in the next episode. It’s something like marveling at the original three episodes of Star Wars, then trying to go back in time to pre-sequels when Luke Skywalker was only a glint in his father’s Vaderian eye.
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C-R Libraries - a treasure to be used

( This article made up the Standing Pat column, Nov.18, 2005 )
In these days of digital madness and Internet use, it is comforting to know that there are still oases of peace and quiet, where one can go for a quiet read or to find resources that are free to use. I am speaking of the
Clarence-Rockland Public Library services. There is more to this library than books.

Clarence-Rockland Library - Central Branch
The main branch of the Clarence-Rockland Public Library (Photo-Meikle)
(The grey area, ground floor, between L'Escale and YM-YWCA)

For some months now I have been availing myself of the electronic treasures that the main Library in Rockland offers – CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and computer resources.

The music has included everything from Roch Voisine to Annie Lennox, formerly of the Eurythmnics. DVD movies range from several British classics such as Ivanhoe and Pride and Prejudice to Québecois favourites like Séraphin, Un Homme et son Péché or Le Déclin De L'Empire Américain.

(NOTE: This article was written before the new library was occupied,
so the photos are now history...
the old library facilities.)

Looking at a small part of the collection.
Part of our library treasures!

In the resource field I have borrowed a CD on how to improve my digital photography skills as well as a two CD set called; “Apprenez le Français avec le Fils d'Astérix” to help me with my French conversation class.

You can borrow these items from anywhere to a week or two at a time and as long as no one else has requested the title, you can continue to renew them as long as you do so in person.

Friendly efficient staff
Lyne Lapalme (now replaced by Daniel Noël) and the various staff and volunteers of the local branches (too numerous to mention here) are doing a super job of looking after visiting clients.

The Rockland Branch of the Clarence-Rockland Public Library, is located at 1525 Avenue du Parc Avenue in Rockland, part of the L'Escale and YM-YWCA complex, with branches in Bourget, Clarence Creek and St-Pascal Baylon. The addresses and hours of operation can be found on the website, or you can call the central location at: (613) 446-5680.

Use the Electronic Catalogue to find your treasures.
The "electronic" catalogue will help in your search.

The collections include: audio books, novels, periodicals (magazines), regional newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, videotapes (VHS), DVDs, compact discs (CDs), even annual reports from federal and provincial governments including agencies.

Check out their Web site
You can get all the details on the Clarence-Rockland Public Library and its branches by visiting the Clarence-Rockland

Interior of the Rockland Central Branch
The children's corner in the background

For example did you know that there is a Children's Corner where they “offer story time sessions for children aged 3 to 5 years old?” Or a Community Access Centre which exists to :

  • Give a simple and affordable Internet access to communities,
  • Increase public awareness to technology,
  • Give training on Internet use.

Internet hook-ups - your doorway to the world!

Computers are available to the public in the following branches: Rockland, Clarence Creek, Bourget and St-Pascal Baylon.

And what is so great about this local treasure is that it is all free. I’m standing pat.

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Sign over the entrance...

The "Central Branch" of the Clarence-Rockland
Public Library is part of the Recreational and
Cultural Complex
About Us

1525 Avenue du Parc
Rockland (Ontario)
K4K 1P7
613.446.5680 613.446.1518

Daniel Noël
CEO and Head Librarian

Click here to go to the library page on the City of Clarence-Rockland's website. You will find a list of the various services that the library provides.

NOTE: Some of the
information has
to be updated.

The old Library Board:
Click here.

The current Library Board:
Chair: Sylvie Archambault
Louiselle Cyr
Councillor André Henrie
Councillor Guy Desjardins

Interior shot from above

Click here for exterir pictures.

The Community Bulletin Board

This classic from
Walt Disney
is still available on VHS!

The City maintains an
Active News"
page which carries all the latest news releases and information.

The Clarence-Rockland Public Library is managed by a Library Board appointed by Municipal Council in compliance with the Ontario Public Libraries Act. The entire population has free access to a variety of services offered in Canada's two official languages. It is possible for citizens to borrow books, audio books, videocassettes, DVDs, educational CD-ROMS and magazines. We offer interlibrary loans for documents that are not available in our collection.

In addition to our collection of reference books, the public has access to the Internet in Bourget, Clarence Creek, Rockland, and St-Pascal Baylon. For information concerning our programs and services, to reserve a book or for reference questions, you can reach us by calling 613-446-5680 or by e-mail at


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