NOTE: As of Sunday, December 22, 2013, this page has not been updated since July 2, 2005. If anyone wants to work on it, they are welcome! - Ed.

Video Super Club - Rockland
1604 Laurier St Rockland ON

Owner Stephane Wathier provides a
great selection and is always open to
suggestions for new titles and series.

Haddad's Store - Cumberland Village
2565 Old Montreal Road
(Cumberland Village) 613-833-2802

The Movie Guy - Ed Puddephatt
often brings in requested movies.

Rockland Variety Store
2258 Laurier St., Rockland ON
(Just west of Jean Coutu Pharmacy)
(Rockland Variety is part of the
Video Super Club ownership.)

Video Zone - Rockland
130 - 928 Laporte Street, Rockland ON
(Behind The Royal Bank)

Hi All!
As an added service to our communities, we are adding a movie & video page to our Website.
We like to promote our local small/owner-operated businesses so to kick this off we are featuring
three video outlets, one in Cumberland Village, the other two in Rockland.

If you would like to add other video outlets from your community, please let us know, and if you
would like to comment on any of the movies or offer any reviews or recommendations, please feel
free to do so. You can send us an e-mail to:
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Video Super Club - Rockland

Shirley says "Come in for some great deals!

Video Super Club
1604 Laurier Street
Rockland, ON K4K
(Offering DVDs only.)

Video Super Club is the largest video outlet in the area. It has a huge selection of movie rentals, and movies to sell. It also carries a large selection of television series from Alias to C.S.I. to... you name it!
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Haddad's Store - Cumberland Village

Haddad's S & S Foodliner
2565 Old Montreal Road
(Cumberland Village)
ON K4K 1A3 613-833-2802

Every Tuesday, our movie guy Ed Puddephatt
brings in the latest movies on DVD and VHS.
You can also request movies that are not on
the shelves and Ed will bring them in.

New movies on DVD or VHS
Older movies (VHS only) from Monday to Thursday rent for 2-for-1

You can also reserve your movies up to a week ahead by calling or in person.
(For more information on Haddad's store, click here.)

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Video Zone - Rockland


Video Zone
130 - 928 Laporte Street
(Behind the Royal Bank)
Rockland, ON K4K
(Offering DVDs only.)

Video Zone also carries a large selection of children's videos, CD music and some books. It is also an outlet for Canada Post and a franchise for The Source.
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