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Worth a read... (followed by previous news stories)
» Coyotes in Clarence-Rockland
» Air Canada slashes Ottawa routes, but airport foresees small impact
» Ontario recalls counterfeit wine
» CRTC makes switching cell-phone providers easier
» Check your battery in winter weather: Car Care Canada
» Thinking Central Canada Exhibition this summer? Forget it... it's been cancelled!
» Suicide preventable - Do It For Daron purple campaign, gets people talking
» Women targeted in Orléans thefts scams (Could happen here!)
» Related: Police issue "Stay safe" alerts in view of recent assaults on women
» OPP still trying to find missing Hawkesbury man
» Lee Valley founder grinds axe with Canada Post

Air Farce Founder Roger Abbott Dies At Age 64
Why is this headline on the Canaan Connexion you ask? Because for anyone who has been around for a while will know, the Royal Canadian Air Farce was as much of the Canadian scene as was Peter Gzowski, the Peace Tower, Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, or the route of Les Voyageurs for those of us who studied Canadian History back in the day.

Don Ferguson said Abbott, 64, died Saturday night at Toronto General Hospital, 14 years after being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

He kept the progressive disease secret from all but a few close friends and family until a week ago, Ferguson said.
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World Water Day
Survey reveals Canadians flushing things they shouldn't
Today is World Water Day (reference). A survey suggests most Canadians admit to flushing things that shouldn't have gone down the drain.

Things like left-over food, hair, bugs and cigarette butts. Sending such items swirling down the drain wastes six to 20 litres of fresh, clean water with each flush.
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Small earth tremor rattles Eastern Ontario

(Wednesday, March 1, 2011) A small earthquake shook the area at 1:36 p.m. today. Originally measured at 4.7, it was later downgraded to 3.7 however it was strong enough to be felt over a wide area.

According to the Natural Resources Canada
Earthquake website, the epicentre was located six kilometers east-southeast of Hawkesbury in what they refer to as the western Quebec seismic zone. The depth of this earthquake wass 12.8 km.

On average, we record 100-150 mostly small earthquakes in the region every year. Magnitude 4 events occur on average once every 2-3 years in this region. This event (mN 4.3) is roughly 1/10 the size of the June 23, 2010 Val-des-Bois earthquake (Mw5.0) and 75 km to the southeast. This earthquake was widely felt between Ottawa and Montreal. No significant damage has been reported and none would be expected for an event of this size.
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ATVs banned, but
Horses, Snowmobiles Allowed on Rural Pathways

A news report from CFRA online is saying that ATV's will be banned from two new rural pathways running along former rail corridors, including the one in Prescott-Russell.

City of Ottawa staff are recommending that motorized use of the Osgoode and Prescott-Russell Pathways in the summer be prohibited to provide the "best environment" for pedestrians and cyclists.

In consideration of Ottawa's rural lifestyle and positive feedback from residents, horse riders will be permitted on the pathway.

A report for the Transportation Committee and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee recommends the City allow snowmobiles on snow-bound pathways in the winter under certain conditions, including speed limits.

Councillors are being asked to approve a two-year monitoring program on the results of the review and modifications to the Rural Pathways Shared-Use Policy if needed.

As part of the Economic Stimulus Funding Program, the two new rural pathways were established along former rail lines.

For more information you can visit
Sharing Rural Pathways Policy, where it says:

"The City of Ottawa is currently upgrading the former Osgoode and Prescott-Russell rail corridors to rural multi use pathways to give residents year-round recreation options. The City is developing usage policies for these pathways."

The draft staff report pertaining to Sharing Rural Pathways Policy will be discussed during the March 3, 2011 joint meeting of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and the Transportation Committee to be held in Andrew S. Haydon Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. W. starting at 9:30 am. More...

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OC Transpo users:
If You're An Out-of-Towner, You Should Pay More
(From CFRA News) If you're from Rockland, Kemptville, or Arnprior, you could soon be coughing up extra cash for an OC Transpo bus pass.

Speaking on Madely in the Morning, Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais says he wants to charge a premium on Ottawa buses for residents who live outside the city - he would price an adult express pass at $160.

In his motion to the Tranist Commission, the councillor stated "a significant number of residents from neighbouring municipalities are using OC Transpo and taking space in Park and Ride locations", they "don't pay taxes to the City of Ottawa" and they "ride OC Transpo for the same fare as Ottawa taxpayers and therefore are being subsidized by Ottawa taxpayers".

Blais estimates this fare hike for out-of-towners could generate an extra couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue for the city...however this fare won't be looked at until next year's budget meetings.
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Rideau Canal officially closed for the season
Sunday, Mar. 6 - The heavy snowfall in the last few hours and the high temperatures, following yesterday's day long downpour has resulted in the closure of the Rideau Canal Skateway for the remainder of the season. The 41st skating season lasted 58 days.

For more information on canal ice conditions, contact the NCC at
613-239-5000 or visit
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Obituary - Patrick Brisebois
Our neighbourhood loses a fine young former karate champ
Our neighbourhood lost one of its own last week, with the sudden passing of Patrick Brisebois.

Final goodbyes: Family, friends and neighbours filled the pews of historic Ste. Trinité Catholic Church on Thursday, for the funeral of a much loved young man. It was obvious that he and his family are held in high regard in the Rockland area.

The people included school chums and several who had gone to school with the parents André and Manon, so many connections

People were invited to offer their condolences an hour before the funeral was to start at 1:00 p.m. and it took the full hour before everyone was able to meet the family. At one point the line-up stretched from the center aisle of the church on out through the door, down the side steps and on to the parking lot..

The mourners numbered in the hundreds, filling the main seating area and overflowing up into the balconies on either side. The mood was somber with many tearful embraces and caresses not only for the family members in the greeting line, but also from many individuals within and without the church.

Pastor Jean-François Morin conducted the service and set the tonewhen he said let's remember Patrick and celebrate his life, not his passing. He then invited several friends and family members to offer tributes to their missing chum and family member.

The mass continued with a bible reading of the story of Lazarus and a short homily by Father Morin who said that it was not Patrick's choice to die but it was rather an illness that had taken over. He also spoke of the fear that everyone faces... the fear to lose, the fear to live, the fear to die and that one should never fear.

The service was a full mass, not always performed at a funeral and included a communion service that saw almost everyone participating in what appeared to be a tribute to Patrick.

After the formal service, Patrick's uncle approached the lectern to read a message from Patrick's grandmother (André's mother Jeanne) who is braving terminal cancer in the Elisabeth Bruyère Center.

In an emotional voice he read the message which in essence said not to worry, that grandma will soon join you and she will be there to take care of you.

In closing the ceremony, Father Morin blessed Patrick's cremated remains with traditional incense and holy water, then the family, supporting each other, walked hand in hand leading the recessional out of thee church.

The guests and mourners were invited to continue their meeting after the service in the church hall below. Again the room was filled to overflowing.

If you get an opportunity to see the cover of the church bulletin you will see the theme: "Un phare au milieu de sa communauté", a beacon within the community... And on this day the church offered much needed light in a very dark time for many community members.

From an earlier posting:
I first met Patrick as a nine-year-old karate champ. He beat out over 40 worldwide competitors in his class to take home the coveted first-place trophy for blue belt in karate, at the the International 2002 Quebec Open championship in Quebec City.

I wrote a little story at the time:

"Dad, it's the biggest prize I've ever won," the still shaking and soaking wet champtold his elated father, as participants and spectators from all over the world stood cheering.

The medal was like the Olympics (for Patrick) said father André. Patrick thought he could do it one day but didn't think he would achieve it because he wasn't strong enough. He had only been in the sport for two and a half years.

The family was walking on air for about a week and had neighbours wondering what the huge "#1" was doing in their front window.

In 2006, Patrick was one of the Grade 7 and 8 students from Rockland Public School who live
on Cardinal Crescent. He and several friends made up two teams to enter two soapbox cars into an upcoming derby held in Orleans.

Team Chocobo was made up of Gabrielle Felio, Alexandra Dean, Elaine Medina and Brittany Miller. The other, Team Haggard, was made up of Patrick, Justin Laferriere, Mitchell Beatty and Chris Renaud.

Using his workshop, André Brisebois, an excellent carpenter, along with Gabrielle's father, Guy Felio, put two "cars" together.

I still have the photo and newspaper clipping from the Ottawa Citizen story.

If you can't make out the names, the neighbourhood kids are (back row from left to right): Gabrielle Félio, Elaine Medina, Alexandra Dean, Chris Renaud and Patrick Brisebois. In the front row is Brett De Jong, Justin Laferriere and Mitchell Beatty. (If you click on the photo you will get an enlarged version.)

I have had the privilege of knowing the Brisebois family as neighbours, since they moved into the Blue Jay Ridge community. They are the kind of neighbours that everyone should have and Patrick, always polite and respectful was a good kid. Their loss is our loss. He was just 18. Too young, too soon.

You can read Patrick's obituary
here. You can also read his obituary as it appears in the Ottawa Citizen as well as leave and read messages in the online Guest Book.

If anyone would like to offer a comment they may do so:
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Obituary - Donna Desjardins
Wife of Clarence-Rockland City Councillor
Donna Desjardins, half of the Desjardins Farm team and wife of Clarence- Rockland City Councillor, Guy Desjardins, passed away on Wednesday, February 9. Donna and Guy have been farming together for 35 years on their St-Pascal Baylon farm along with sons Christian and Jason.

The funeral service was held at the St-Pascal Baylon Church on Monday, February 14th, at 11:00 a.m. You can read Donna's obituary and visit a link on the Brunet Funeral Home website where you can view a tribute in pictures.

Ironically, this week's edition of the Vision, Rockland's newspaper, carries a photo of Guy (page 11), selling his produce at the Cumberland Farmers' Market. The story is promoting the establishment of a farmers' market in Rockland, and Councillor Desjardins has been asked to be the liaison between the Council and the market committee.
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Family, friends say goodbye to man killed in Mexico
The Ottawa Citizen has reported that Daniel Dion, 51, who vanished on Oct. 23, 2010, during a trip to Mexico and whose body was subsequently found in his burnt-out rental car, had a connection to Bourget. It is the hometown of his wife, Denise Lalonde.

Friends and family gathered in Bourget on Saturday for the first of two funerals. This one was held at Sacré-Coeur church.

“The house is empty. I love you, I miss you, you’re too young to go, but it’s God that decides when,” Lalonde said in a message to her husband after the funeral. “He was an incredible guy, lots of energy, talking all the time.”

A larger funeral will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 19 at l’Eglise St-Jean-Baptiste in Sherbrooke, the city where Dion was born.
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In History - Rockland connection
Senator Cairine Wilson featured on History site
Cairine Ray Wilson 1885-1962. Canada's first woman senator, was born on February 4, 1885. There is a Wikipedia note that says that she lived in Cumberland, however Canaan Connexion research has found that she actually lived for a time in Rockland, where her husband Norman managed the W.C.Edwards lumber mill. Read more....
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Links to other news of interest

Hammond flatbed driver faces charges in fatal Hawkesbury crash
Just days after funerals were held for the two teenage victims, police have charged a truck driver with two counts of criminal negligence in their deaths when they crashed into an unhitched trailer left in the middle of the road in Nation Township on Jan. 10.

Andre Duquette, a 43-yearold man from Hammond, was arrested and charged Wednesday evening. He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court in L'Orignal on Feb. 16 at 9 a.m. The maximum penalty for the offence is life in prison.

Initial story:
Two teens killed in Nation Township crash

CTV Story with pictures: Two teens killed in crash near Vankleek Hill
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Maisons de la famille employees ratify agreement

Early childhood educators at Maisons de la famille have ratified a new collective agreement that will bring them back to work as of Jan. 17.

The settlement affects worksites at three Maisons de la famille locations - in Rockland, Hawkesbury, and Embrun. Several satellite centres are also covered by the new contract.

The two-year agreement was negotiated on behalf of the employees by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) after a strike lasting almost eight weeks.

“We have reached a respectable deal,” says representative Paul Sharkey. “These workers deserve a lot of respect for the lengths they went to for a fair deal with a very difficult employer. They are relieved to be back at work.”

Key gains include a wage increase of close to one per cent in the first year and three per cent in the second year. A compromise was reached allowing the union to challenge and limit the arbitrary moving of workers from one site to another.

Yves Seguin, director of Groupe Action pour l’enfant, la famille et la communauté de Prescott-Russell, repeatedly threatened to bring in scab workers during negotiations, even going so far as to place ads in a community newspaper.

Through the 'Fiers de nos enfants' programs at the Maisons de la famille, staff provide support for children up to age six and their parents.
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This day in History

(Click on the logo for your preference... Canuck or Yankee)

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Former Russell mayor found dead in residence

(Courtesy the VanKleek Hill Review - January 12, 2010) The former mayor of Russell, Michael McHugh, was found dead in his home last Monday evening, January 10. The landlord had last seen his tenant on Friday, January 7 and had not heard or seen him since. He informed the victim's family about his concerns.
McHugh's ex-wife visited the apartment and found McHugh, 56, lying on the floor, lifeless.

McHugh was the mayor of Russell from 2003 until 2006, when he was defeated in the municipal election. He had previously served as a councillor in the township.

(You can read further details from an Ottawa Citizen story
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Wanna be a lifeguard?

Clarence-Rockland-YMCA-Swimming PoolHave you ever thought about becoming a lifeguard? Are you currently a certified lifeguard looking for a little work?

The Clarence-Rockland Y urgently needs lifeguards to fill a number of shifts. They are also looking for people who would like to become lifeguards. Courses for lifeguarding will be starting very soon, so you had better hurry.

If you are interested, please contact:
Debra Larocque, at the C-R Y,
(613) 446-7679.

You may just save a life some day!

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News | Clarence-Rockland City Council »

New City Council takes a seat

The new council gets down to business (Photo Meikle)

(Clarence-Rockland - Monday, December 6, 2010) The Clarence-Rockland council chambers were almost filled to capacity with spectators eager to see the new council in actio More...

New City Council sworn in
New Clarence-Rockland City Council Swearing In Ceremony

(Clarence Creek - Wednesday, December 1, 2010) A new era and a new administration came into place as the new Clarence-Rockland City Council members were sworn in during a brief ceremony which took place at the Clarence Creek Arena
Clarence-Rockland: New Council sworn in
Mayor-elect sells interests in LLG Development Inc.
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Highway 174 house fire - traffic chaos
Luxury house fire at 1678 Highway 174, near Quigley Hill Road, shut down Highway 174 and caused traffic chaos.

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$3M fire destroys luxury Cumberland (Wilhaven) home

From This...

To this...

(Cumberland Village - Sep. 14, 2010) A multimillion-dollar Wilhaven Road home in the Cumberland Estates neighbourhood was destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning.

Fire officials estimate that, between the building and the property, damage is about $3 million.

Eighteen fire vehicles and upwards of 40 firefighters were on the scene at the height of the blaze. There were no injuries.

Click on these links for details, more photos and follow-up stories:

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Two hurt on Hwy 174 crash near Cumberland

Emergency workers treat a woman who was one of two people
injured in a crash on Highway 174, near Cumberland

The Ottawa Citizen reported that two people were injured after a two-vehicle crash on Highway 174 early Tuesday morning, August 17. The crash occurred at the intersection of Hwy 174 and Morin Road, near Cumberland. The injuries did not appear to be serious. Police are investigating.

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Lawrence & Géraldine Lizotte to Celebrate
60 years on July 29

How many of us can say we have celebrated 60 years together?
How many of us will even reach that milestone?
Lawrence et Géraldine can. Congratulations!

60e ANNIVERSAIRE DE MARIAGE/60th Wedding Anniversary
29 juillet/July, 1950

Félicitations chers parents. Quelle joix de pourvoir célébrer ce beau jour avec vous!

Merci beaucoup pour les beaux moments vécus en votre compagnie. Nous vous souhaitons la plus belle journée. Avec amour,
Lise, Jérémie et Brent

Congratulations dear parents. How wonderful to celebrate with you! We wish you all the best for your special day! With love,
Lise Jérémie et Brent
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Rockland woman killed in 2-vehicle collision

A Rockland woman, Andrée Desrivières, is dead after the car she was riding in collided with a tractor trailer at the intersection of Landry and Baseline, east of the City of Clarence-Rockland. Read more.
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Boil water advisory for Rockland
Advisory now
lifted but...

Residents are urged to open all cold water taps and let the water run for one minute or until it becomes cold before using it.

Residents in the Rockland are being advised to boil their water after issues with the area's water supply early Monday morning.

People in the community faced no pressure or very little water pressure when they turned on their taps Monday morning.

Clarence-Rockland Mayor Richard Lalonde said the issue with a water-filtration plant happened between 1:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., but has since been resolved and pressure has been restored.

But residents are asked to boil their water for the next 24 hours as a precaution, Lalonde said.
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Blue Jay-Forest Hill - Multi thefts from cars

Sometime overnight, between Thursday June 8 and Friday, June 9, several vehicles parked in driveways both in Blue Jay Ridge and Forest Hill were targets for local thieves.

Missing items included cell phones, iPods, car-radios, loose change, sunglasses, etc. and unfortunately, apparently none of the victims' vehicles were locked.

The OPP have been alerted. Watch for further information and other neighbourhood comments.

Is it time to bring back the neighbourhood watch... or a community association even?

(Also see our previous story on a theft in BLue Jay. Click here.)
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Rockland: Attempted abduction 13-year-old girl

Russell County OPP is investigating what they call an attempted abduction of a young girl in Rockland on Friday, July 2, at approximately 7:30 p.m.

They say the 13 year old was walking eastbound on Francoise Street when the driver of a black pick-up truck heading westbound on Francoise Street stopped and spoke to the her.

The male driver of the pick-up spoke to the girl then proceeded northbound onto Gilles Street. It stopped. The solo occupant opened the driver door and looked back at her.

She then ran eastbound on Francoise Street to Caron Street where she was picked up by a family member. The pick-up truck sped away northbound onto Gilles Street.

The vehicle is described as black, older model, possibly 4 door/double cab, jacked up, rust to lower wheel well, tinted window with a skeleton sticker to the driver side rear door window.

The suspect is described as an older male, red wrinkle face, grey, neck length hair, yellowish teeth, wearing black glasses, also had new beard growing and was wearing a black shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Russell County OPP at 613-443-4499 or 1-888-310-1122.
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Was it a cougar spotted in Alfred-Plantagenet?

Local news media are reporting that a large black cougar was seen in the Alfred-Plantagenet area. A resident reported seeing one in the Lac George area. The man described the large cat as a "cougar", spotting it around lunch time on Wednesday, June 30, police said. His account adds on to sightings by other residents during the past three years.

This is a cougar

This is a panther

A press release said the “investigation revealed that the cat would most likely be a black cougar,” but OPP weren’t immediately available to go into any more detail. Police patrolled the area, but came up with nothing. The Ministry of Natural Resources was informed and an officer is investigating.

Police are advising residents to exercise caution and to contact OPP at 1-613-310-1122 with any sightings. Alfred and Plantagenet are the next towns east of Rockland.

(Editor's comment: Have you ever heard of a "black" cougar before? ... a panther, yes! Has anyone checked with the Papanack Zoo to see if one of their critters is missing? In the neantime, better keep a close watch on your pets and farm animals.)
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Items stolen from Blue Jay residence
One buddha statue and one solar lantern

We have always considered our development to be safe from crime and mischief, so when a theft occured this past weekend (Saturday evening to early Sunday morning, June 19/20) we were somewhat angered and insulted that someone would take something from a neighbour's back yard.

These are good neighbours, rather new to the community and it is a poor way of welcoming them.

Here are the descriptions:

red solar square hanging lantern.

The buddha is a resin statue made to look like aged stone. It is 24 inches tall and about 15 pounds.
The articles were new decorations placed inside a gazebo and were fairly close to the Cardinal Crescent roadway. Anyone with any information should call: 613-833-5441.
(Since this theft, others have occured from local vehicles in driveways. Click here.)
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Kyle Cyr resigns from Council

(Rockland - Tuesday, June 15, 2010) In a move that caught everyone by surprise, Clarence-Rockland Ward 5 City Councillor Kyle Cyr, resigned his position, effective immediately. Citing personal reasons, he tended his resignation to the City Clerk, Monique Ouellet, at the same time advising Mayor Richard Lalonde and Chief Administrative Officer Daniel Gatien.

Cyr advised the Canaan Connexion that the move was "my choice" and that he wanted to take advantage of an opporunity with his position in the federal public service. He has been on council for seven years and during that time he has missed some chances. Further more and more importantly he wants to devote more time to his family.

We will have further information on this story shortly, including the requirements of the Ontario Municipal Act with respect to filling the vacancy.

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Canaan Road: Moose on the loose
Two killed on Wednesday in Rockland, one still roaming
One deer hit on Canaan earlier in the month

(Rockland - June 16, 2010) Motorists driving along Canaan Road between Highway 174 and Wilhaven Road, should be aware that a female adult moose may still be in the area after its mate was killed near Wilhaven on Wednesday evening.

Around 6:30 p.m. the pair were crossing the road when the male was hit by a passing pick-up truck, later identified as being owned by a resident from the area. A witness said that the vehicle appeared to have been occupied by two young persons, who seemed to be shaken up by the incident.

They were not hurt but the Canaan Connexion has learned that there was significant damage to their vehicle and it is evidently now in for repairs. The moose fared far worse. It was severely injured and according to one OPP officer at the scene, it had to beClick on pic to see short video "dispatched".

After the accident when the vehicle had left and the moose had been removed, the female came back onto the road and an OPP cruiser and officer remained as a precautionary measure to "scare" the moose away.
(Click here or on the picture to see a short video.)

Earlier the same day a moose was seen wandering near Carrefour Jeunesse school, near St. Jean Street on the south side of Rockland.

OPP officers from the Rockland Detachment tried to herd the animal out of the school yard towards a nearby wooded area, however the moose became agitated, started to damage property, and when the OPP could not obtain tranquillizing equipment, they had to shoot it.

An OPP officer told the Canaan Connexion that they were forced to kill the moose because of safety concerns for the school children, who were by this time being dropped off by parents to an early daycare.

According to a CBC report, Andrea Miville said she and her husband Nate, nearby residents, "heard two shots and saw police gathering around the felled moose in the parking lot of an elementary school". Mr. Miville took the following sequence of photos, recording the the incident.

Read the Ottawa Sun take on the story (with quotes from Nate Miville)

Related story: A deer also killed on Canaan Road
First it was a barrage of coyotes during the winter, and now it seems that wandering moose have taken their place, and local deer are regulary seen along local roads, feilds and properties.

In fact during the first week of June, a deer was killed near the same location when it was struck by a motorist travelling north, at approximately 6:00 a.m.

The Canaan Connexion has learned that a resident from the Canaan Road area was driving the vehicle that hit the deer. A check of the two police forces that patrol the area suggested that the accident was not reported to them.

The speed limit along Canaan Road is 80 k/hr, except for the S-turn between Baseline and Wilhaven Roads, where it is 60 k/hr, however many motorists exceed the speed limits, thereby cutting down their reaction time to any upcoming situations.

Even during recent construction periods, or during the annual residents clean-up of Canaan Road, with warning signs and barriers posted, some motorists seem to ignore the cautions. Last week, when the road was being paved where the new culvert had been replaced near the Canaan Blueberry farm, a woman almost hit a flag person, and just missed the construction vehicles. She was talking on her cell phone.

The Canaan Connexion is looking into having deer and moose warning signs put in place along Canaan Road.

(Comments? editor[at]

Related links:

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Cumberland Farmers' Market open this weekend

This just in on Friday... The Cumberland Farmers' Market is opening Saturday, June 19! Check out their Website for the latest information. Click here.
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Wendover, watertown shotMan shot in Wendover
Five people charged

(Wendover - See video below) Five Ottawa men are charged with attempted murder after a man suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound during an altercation in Wendover on Monday, May 10.

Ontario Provincial Police from the Hawkesbury detachment were called to a residence on Chretien St. at about 2 a.m. The victim was transported to an Ottawa-area hospital.

The suspects were apprehended a short time later on Hwy. 17 by OPP officers from the Rockland branch.

Charged are Adnan Fazeli, 25, Mohammed Eltigani Mohammed, 26, Vitor Demello, 27, Mark Pitseolak, 26 and Patrick Sacha Thibeault, 26. They are all to appear in L'Orignal court.

The Hawkesbury and Rockland OPP detachments are assisting the East Region crime unit with the investigation.

You can read the Ottawa Citizen account here.

Click here to watch CBC News video of the story.
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Clarence-Rockland Spring Clean-Up 2010
(Pictures from the Clarence-Rockland Environmental Society (CRES)

Large areas of Clarence-Rockland are more garbage free thanks to the annual CRES- sponsored Clarence-Rockland Spring Clean-Up. You can catch a lot of the action by visiting their Internet "Web Album".

Click here for more...

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UPDATE: Canaan Culvert replacement
Was your vehicle damaged during
the road construction?
You may be eligible for compensation.
Send us an e-mail for more information:

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C-R "delivers" second City-INFO edition

If you have not seen or received the City of Clarence-Rockland's latest edition of City-INFO, you can read it online.

Get the latest from the Mayor and Council, current Municipal News, the inaugural celebrations of the new Optimist Performance Hall (attached to the Recreation and Cultural Center), the word from recent Council meetings and the Rockland and Hammond Olympic Torch Run.

You can find the link on our City of Clarence-Rockland
"Community Information" Web page.

Click here.

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Click on the Picture to donate...
(Click on the picture to donate.)

120 million litres of sewage flows into river
How does it affect Rockland downstream?
R.O.Picard Centre in Ottawa
Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre - Ottawa

The heavy record rains are being blamed for sending millions of litres of raw sewage from the City of Ottawa treatment plant into the Ottawa River. The city estimates 120 million litres of raw sewage and untreated waste water overflowed the sewage system and into the historic waterway on Monday. The Ministry of Environment, Ottawa Public Health and downstream water system operators have been notified of the spill.

What does this mean for Clarence-Rockland?
Click here to read more.
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PRSCA Open House a success
Prescott-Russell Seervices to Chjidren and adults - staff
The open house for the Prescott-Russell Services to Children and Adults was by all
accounts a success. Here, the Rockland office staff pose for the Canaan Connexion camera.
We will have more news on the open house and the services provided by this
worthy organization. In the meantime...
For more information you can call 613-488-2211. You can also visit their Web site.
(Photo - Patrick Meikle)

PRSCA Open House Thursday, January 21

The Rockland office of the Prescott-Russell Services to Children and Adults has moved to their new location at 415 Lemay Street in Clarence Creek. That's the building previously used by the Clarence-Rockland City Council. This is your chance to see the new digs and to meet the people who make the PRSCA happen. The open house will run from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
For more information you can call 613-488-2211. You can also visit their Web site.
(Photo - Patrick Meikle)

(For Older Stories, please click here.)

Hwy. 174 safety audit calls on city to
invest in additional road improvements

This is Highway 174 on November 7, 2001
Highway 174, November 7, 2001. Things haven't changed! (Photo-Patrick Meikle)

Fred Sherwin writes on his "Orleans Online" Web site:
A study conducted to assess safety issues along the eastern portion of Hwy. 174 east of Trim Road, calls on the city to make a number of improvements along the busy roadway which has been the scene of 270 collisions and five fatalities from Jan. 1, 2003 and Dec. 30, 2007.

The majority of the accidents occured along two consecutive sections of the roadway -- from Trim Road to Quigley Hill Road and from Quigley Hill Road to Cameron Street. More...

To read related stories, letters and links, click here.

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Commentary by Fred Sherwin:
Debate over Hwy. 174 has long-term ramifications

Fred Sherwin writes on his "Orleans Online" Web site:
A report addressing safety issues along the eastern portion of Hwy. 174 between Trim Road and the border with the United Counties of Prescott-Russell has once again raised the debate over who's responsible for the problem and who should pay to fix it.

Forget for the moment that it took more than two years to complete the study. Two years during which over 100 more accidents took place, according to the statistics contained in the report.

When debating the present and future state of Hwy. 174, there are two main issues that must be considered -- safety and growth.

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C-R -Overnight winter parking now in effect

Overnight winter parking restrictions are now in effect in Clarence-Rockland.

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Crow's Nest or Dog's Breakfast!

Some of you just don't get it, do you? (Photo - Patrick Meikle)
If you are wondering why there is a mess at the end of your driveway, when you come
home on garbage day... For those doubting Thomases who don't think crows can mess up
our garbage... here is proof. This cawing character was caught on Blue Jay Drive the day
before garbage pick-up. The owner had put the refuse out the night before, but did not put
a lid on the can, giving our black-feathered friends plenty of opportunity to mess up. Delicious!
To avoid this mess, please put your garbage bags in a garbage can, and use the cover.
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Opinion: What cell phone to buy for the Canaan area?

Thinking about buying a cell phone if you live in this area? Read our story. Click here.

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You can leave notices and personal announcements to
share with other members of the Canaan Community.
For Example in an earlier message, Forest Hill
resident Bruce Bouer gives us a heads up on the
promotional material that "Xplornet" keeps pumping
into our postal boxes... it is not all what it seems!
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OC Transpo users should pay more

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Obituary - Donna Desjardins
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C-R Museum News

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» ATVs banned on Prescott-Russell rural pathway

Bus riders: If you live outside Ottawa you should pay more

Rideau Canal Skateway is currently closed

PC candidate Gosselin, along with MPP Hillier welcomed by local supporters

Five acres of trees cut in Larose Forest to prevent spread of deadly disease

UCPR hires new HR director

OPP ask for help to catch repeat gas thief

Booze and ice huts don't mix

Local accommodation filling up quickly for IPM

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Gas Prices

Cheapest prices

Average Price Today


Fairness at the Pumps Act Passes

A Federal Government bill designed to protect motorists from inaccurate measurement at the gas pumps has been passed by the Senate.

Industry Minister Tony Clement says the Fairness at the Pumps Act will ensure motorists are getting a fair deal.

Clement adds the legislation is a strong deterrent to those who sell goods without accurate measurement.

The Act aligns Canada's fines for inaccurate measurement with those of most industrialized countries in the world.

Gas prices could rise even higher this summer: expert
The rising price of crude oil, pushed by turmoil in Libya and the Middle East, is driving prices at the gas pump higher.

And as spring approaches and more people hit the road, driving could get even more expensive.

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