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Culvert replacement on Canaan Road February 10 to March 15
With the Spring comes warnings
Hydro upgrades along Canaan, thanks to Walmart
Signer sought? Who is behind the short-lived sign?
Blue Jay's Humen family win lights prize

Breast cancer: Remembering Kelly Sauve with Workout for a Cure

Rudy Proulx: 'Mr. Rudy' lives on in 63-year-old tractor

Power Outages? Check your pumps!
Local residents out for blood

Culvert replacement on Canaan Road - Feb. 10 to Mar. 15

Construction for the culvert replacement is now in progress
and is scheduled to last until March 15.
Canaan Road will be blocked off between Baseline and Vinette
(Blue Jay residents and people using Canaan Road south will be most
affected however local traffic will be permitted for people entering|
Forest Hill from the North, or Blue Jay Ridge from the south.)

Here is a satellite shot of the area. The yellow arrow shows the construction site.
Road crews will have to dig down probably 40 to 60 feet in order to remove the deteriorating culvert with a new one.

The reason the work is being done now, we understand, is because the creek that flows under Canaan Road is evidently a "fish habitat" so the construction must be done before the water start flowing again.

This map shows where Canaan Road is blocked off. Local traffic
is permitted to Forest Hill from the north and Blue Jay from the south

Click here to view the movie...
(Photos - Patrick Meikle)

The information on the signs has confused some residents in Blue Jay and Fordest Hill, because as one person put it: "How are we suposed to get here if the (Canaan) road is blocked off at Vinette.

Well the answer is that "local traffic" for people living in Forest Hill, Blue Jay and along Canaan Road, south of Blue Jay Drive up to Vinette, will be able to use the portion of the road that is south of where the construction site is.

These are pictures of the preliminary work done last year.

(Photos - Patrick Meikle)
With the Spring comes warnings
If you believe the Robins, Red-wing Blackbirds, and overhead Canada Geese just to name a few, Spring is upon us. It will take a while for the huge snow piles to melt, but in the meantime we may do well to heed some of the warnings that are coming out.

For example our bird feeder visitor on the left. Racoons are one of several potential rabies carriers that come out in the spring

Bears can also visit bird feeding areas so be on the lookout if you live in more secluded areas.

With such a record snow fall we are getting all kinds of flood warnings, from local rivers and streams to roadside ditches and home basements. Insure that your sump pump is in good working condition.

If you are a pet owner, particularly dogs, check out the advice given by Citizen columnist, Veterinarian, Dr. Bernhard Pukay... More...
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Hydro upgrades along Canaan, thanks to Walmart

A major Hydro One work project along Canaan Road during the 2007 summer, upgradied the entire power lines from Sarsfield to Rockland and was thanks to the new Wal-Mart store.

Hydro One crews gather on Canaan Road (right) this past summer to upgrade power lines to accomodate Wal-Mart
Hydro One media relations spokesperson, Al Manchee confirmed that Wal-Mart "is paying for the line into their (Rockland) facility" and was quick to point out that the "cost is not being recovered from the Ontario power pool." It was rumoured that Wal-Mart would have to pay around $1.5 million to cover the cost of the extensive upgrades.
According to one Hydro foreman working on Canaan, we residents would benefit from the new lines as they would be more stable and reliable. We didn't think so back in August 2007 when we had about four or five momentary glitches – enough to knock every computer and electric clock in our homes!

When you go to the Hydro One site, look for "Power Outage
Notification System" then click on "Southern Ontario".
Once on that page click on the
YELLOW Vankleek Hill dot... confusing, eh?

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Signer sought? Who's behind the sign idea?

Around January 11, someone posted two identical signs on either side of Wilhaven Drive, for people to see as they turned west onto Wilhaven from Canaan Road. The signs read: "Say no to asphalt, keep 'Willheaven' natural". They were short-lived however as one was removed the same day, and the second disappeared the day after.

It would appear that someone is taking exception to having the east end of Wilhaven paved. Do they know something that we do not? We have not heard of any plans by the City of Ottawa to pave the road.

Did some pro-pavement person take the signs? Or did the sign purveyors remove the sign because Wilhaven was mis-spelled? We think "Willheaven" adds to the natural focus of the signer.
Any idea who is behind the sign? Any comments? Send us an e-mail:
or leave a message on our message board: click here.
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Blue Jay's Humen family win Christmas Lights contest

Congratulations to Dan, Leslie, Sean and Daniel Humen of Cardinal Crescent for a terrific annual Christmas lights display. Not only did their efforts this year out glow the Ward 5 area, their light festival took the grand prize for all of Clarence-Rockland in the Christmas Lights Contest.

Well done gang! It was worth the drive up Canaan Road to visit both the Blue Jay and Forest Hill developments. Some of the Christmas lights were spectacular. (Photo - Gregg Chamberlain)
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Breast cancer claims Forest Hill resident
Remembering Kelly Sauvé with Workout for a Cure
by Patrick Meikle

Kelly Sauvé with her daughter CarolineThe Canaan area lost a brave and inspirational member of the community on Sunday, February 20, when Kelly (Morris) Sauvé passed away from breast cancer. She was married to Denis Sauvé and had a beautiful eight-year old daughter Caroline. (Obituary)
On November 21, 2002 she was diagnosed with inoperable inflammatory breast cancer. Needless to say, it came as a shock to her, her family and her friends. What started as a small rash turned out to be what all women fear... breast cancer.

Kelly underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatments, radiation on her chest as well as a double mastectomy. Throughout this challenge, Kelly maintained a positive attitude. Her battle ended on Sunday.

A few years ago, Denis, and his sisters Denise Hoffman and Louise Menard, initiated Workout For a Cure, an exercising event that includes physical workouts, dance performances and taekwon-do demonstrations, with proceeds from pledges going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sadly, Kelly will not be here for Workout for a Cure 2005 which is being held on Sunday, March 6. However in memory of Kelly and for all women who are going through this difficult challenge, readers are urged to participate or to consider a donation.

The event starts at 11 a..m. and will be held at Belisle Chevrolet Cadillac, 444 Montreal Road in Ottawa. For more information, please call (613) 738-1348 x 224, or visit their web site at: www.workoutforacure.com.

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Rudy Proulx:
'Mr. Rudy' lives on in 63-year-old tractor
Shannon Lee Mannion - The Ottawa Citizen - Friday, Oct. 15, 2004

People sometimes leave behind more than fond memories for friends and relatives to enjoy. The 1941 Case tractor now owned by retired engineer Morlen Reynolds, for instance, was bequeathed to him by his neighbour and dear friend, Rudy Proulx.

'Mr. Rudy' featured in the Ottawa Citizen
Morlen Reynolds and 'Mr.Rudy" from the Ottawa Citizen

Mr. Reynolds tells how the Case came to live on his blueberry farm east of Ottawa two years ago. "Rudy bought it about 15 years ago as a basket case. He used to say he wasn't sure why he bought it. Over the years, he thought he had it sold three times, only no one ever came to get it. The last time he tried to sell it was about seven years ago. He even volunteered to deliver it, but the deal still fell through."

So the tractor stayed in the Prescott-Russell farming community.

"About seven or eight years ago, he decided he'd fix it up and asked me if I could help," Mr. Reynolds continues. "I was amazed that parts were still available. We could get anything we needed within two weeks."

Working together, the friends got the tractor operating. The Case is small by comparison to today's behemoths, with a rounded cowl over a flathead four-cylinder gasoline engine. Research into the V-series indicates that 2,500 of this particular model were made between 1940 and 1941.

The J.I. Case company, named for founder Jerome Increase Case, had come into being 100 years earlier in Wisconsin. In 1869, it built its first steam engine, a large contraption that was hauled around by horses. The development of traction steam engines followed and, by 1886, Case was the world's biggest producer of steam engines. The first Case farm tractor appeared in 1892.

In 1939, the company began painting its tractors a distinctive orange colour, called Flambeau Red or, in the case of the Reynolds tractor, Desert Sunset.

Mr. Reynolds points to a plate on the instrument panel above the steering wheel that indicates the machine's serial number and includes the company's "Old Abe" eagle trademark. Adopted in 1985, this logo is patterned after a bald eagle that was the mascot of a Wisconsin regiment in the Civil War.

When Mr. Proulx died of cancer, it was his wish that the tractor take up residence with the Reynolds family. Morlen and his wife, Brigitte, farm five acres of blueberries and manage a small apiary. He already had a couple of John Deere tractors, including a 1952 model his father once used on the family dairy farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

"Bees are needed to pollinate the blueberry bushes," explains Mr. Reynolds as we survey his 15 hives. "I like to use the Case because it's quieter than the John Deeres and doesn't disturb the bees as much."

In addition to regular farm work, the Case figures prominently in the community spring cleanup along the Canaan Road. The bright orange Case, or "Mr. Rudy" as it's been lovingly dubbed, has become part of an area tradition, pulling a little trailer into which roadside debris is collected.

'Mr. Rudy' with the Canaan clean-up crew, 2004.
'Mr. Rudy' and the Canaan clean-up crew, 2004.

"The colour makes it noticeable on the side of the road," Mr. Reynolds says. As well, it's quiet enough to talk over and with the wide-spaced front wheels (WFE or wide front end, as opposed to row-crop or NFE, narrow front end) the Case is remarkably stable -- "more so than the John Deeres I grew up with," he asserts.

Munching on a Macintosh apple picked from an overhanging branch and laughing at the mixed shepherd, Gypsy, as she chases a red squirrel,

Mr. Reynolds talks about the little Case, Mr. Rudy, that became part of his family.

Q: What sorts of things have you done to the tractor since you got it?
A: I put in little details, converted it to a 12-volt system, worked on the steering and back brakes, and a neighbour with a passion for antique tractors did the clutch for me. It's all original parts, except for a few I updated, but I kept the old parts.

'Mr. Rudy' gets a new clutch.
'Mr. Rudy" gets a new clutch, thanks to neighbour Tony Weir, inset.

Q: What does this VAC decal mean?
A: Rudy and I were under the impression that this is a Case VAC but it is really a V-series. I did some research and discovered that the VAC looked like this tractor but it was different. I'm leaving the decal on in his memory.

Q: How's the power on such an old piece of machinery?
A: The Continental engine's got great power. And the tires are incredible. It's an all-cast body, no plastic anywhere, a heavy beast. I once used it to pull out my neighbour's big brand-new John Deere tractor. That was a sight!

Q: What's that metal seat like to sit on?
A: Believe it or not, it is one of the most comfortable seats I've ever sat on. I am amazed. And that's the original seat, too. There's a beautiful view when you sit there. This tractor's been well designed.

Q: Perhaps that's a reason for its longevity.
A: Yes, here it is, still running after 63 years. I question how many tractors I'd buy today that'll be around that many years from now.
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Power outages? Check your pumps!

Hydro crews on the job

Residents of Blue Jay and Forest Hill (BJFH) please note! Most BJFH residents have similar homes all with well water pumps and sump pumps. If we have a power outage that lasts a significant amount of time, our well water pumps and sump pumps may be affected.

If this happens, the water-well pump may have to be reset. The sump pump should also be monitored, as long outages run the risk of the sump pump wells overflowing and flooding basements.

You can learn more about homes and area on our "New Residents" Web page... Click here for more information.
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St.Pat's School: Our neighbours were out for blood

Forest Hill resident, Glenn Standen (right) and Tim Halderson from
Rockland, were part of the Knights of Columbus volunteer team
assisting in the recent blood donor clinic held at St. Patrick's school.

Blue Jay Ridge resident, Mario Lacoursiere, celebrated his birthday
by giving the "Gift of Life". The clinics are held regularly. (Photos - Meikle)

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