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Local YMCA-YWCA holding a Carnival Day

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(All photos taken by Patrck Meikle)

Wednesday, August 1
Local YMCA-YWCA holding a Carnival Day

Further to this story announcing the carnival (see below)... This Wednesday, August 1, at 11am, the local YMCA-YWCA is hosting a Carnival Day in conjunction with all the Y Neighbourhood Day Camps of the National Capital Region.

Here is your personal invitation from the local Y:
On behalf of the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA, I would like to extend an invitation to our 4th annual Carnival Day taking place on
Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, 10:30AM, at Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena (due to weather).

As part of our day camp programming, the Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA hosts a Carnival Day for all Neighbourhood Day Camp kids of the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA. Children from all 5 of our Y locations in Ottawa are in attendance making our total count 250 campers for this year's event.

As a charitable organization, we would like to be able to give our camp kids an experience that they would not otherwise get. Every year brings us growing numbers with this event being the biggest one yet. Without the community's help and involvement, we would not be able to say that our Carnival Day is the most talked about event amongst all Y locations, finally bringing recognition to Clarence-Rockland as a community.

Honorable mention goes out to the following great community leaders whom have made such an event possible with their generous contributions: Papa Jack Popcorn, Giant Tiger, M&M Meat Shop, Domaine Labrador, Poupart Developments, Zodiac Construction, Chartrand Inflatable Games and the City of Clarence-Rockland for the use of their field and arena.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making this event possible and for supporting our community involvement. For all further enquiries, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to seeing you there.


Samuel Cardarelli
Coordinator, Child, Youth and Family Programs
Clarence Rockland YMCA-YWCA
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Wednesday, August 1
Local YMCA-YWCA holding a Carnival Day

This Wednesday, August 1, at 11am, the local YMCA-YWCA is hosting a Carnival Day in conjunction with all the Y Neighbourhood Day Camps of the National Capital Region.

"This is our biggest annual event that our camp kids truly enjoy." says local spokesperson Sam Cardarelli. "At this event, we will be having five inflatable games, from bouncy castles, mega obstacle races, to a massive slide, also we will be giving out popsicles and popcorn to truly give it that Carnival feeling."

The Y is opening its facility to over 250 camp kids and counselors.

"It has been work," says Cardarelli, "but the community has responded to our camp positively this year and we now have 80 camp kids out of 250 from our center alone which is the biggest camper registrations of all National Capital Region centers and our biggest single camp registration week of the Clarence-Rockland Y existence, even though it's been a short one."

One of the many summer activities provided by the local Y is their summber camp swim. This is a picture of the amazing pool, showing the resistance loop, the water fall, the interior and the "front" end of the pool where on the other side of the windows you will find the "Presse Café" offering healthy foods and snacks.(Photos - Patrick Meikle)

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Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA - Yours to use...

Here is a sample of some of the activities available. These were part of an
"Open House"

To find out more on how you can join in, please call: 613-446-7679.

The friendly staff are more than willing to help you with your recreation needs.

Clarence-Rockland YM-YWCA-pool
The swimming pool is just one of the gems in the new complex. It features up to four
swimming lanes, a resistance loop, hot wading pool and a whirlpool/hot tub.

For updated information you can check the
Clarence-Rockland Web site and even download a file
"To view the presentation for the Recreational and Cultural Complex".

Just follow the links (And for an overview, click here.)
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The workout area with indoor track.
Come and try it out!

Moms and tots get together during an exercise class.

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