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2011 Federal Election

Monday, May 2
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We are also including a few stories from the Ottawa-Orleans riding, as a number of residents have indicated an interest in that district. More...

GPR Candidates face tough crowd at St-Isidore debate
Stéphane Dion stops in C-R to support Julie Bourgeois?

Ottawa Citizen profile on Liberal Candidate Julie Bourgeois
Lemieux attack ignites a fuse

Tory budget now becomes election carrot

Green Party candidate and Cumberland resident Sylvie Lemieux begins the long march
Lemieux and Bourgeois play their cards
G-P-R riding election map
Lemieux and Bourgeois play their cards
Elections Canada hiring part-time staff

Ottawa-Orleans District
The Canaan Connexion coverage area is entirely within the
area, however many residents
have expressed an interest
in Ottawa-Orleans as well.
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GPR Candidates face tough crowd at St-Isidore debate
While candidates answered tough questions from voters at the all-candidates debate on Monday, April 25, much of the evening revolved around heckling, chants of "liar" as candidates spoke and, in one instance, shouting and profanity uttered by one outraged citizen. More...

You can also catch up on the local candidates in this week's Vision Newspaper. More...
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Stéphane Dion stops in C-R to support Julie Bourgeois?
(LeDroit - Wednesday, April 20, 2011) The Liberals are not holding back in their efforts to regain Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. After Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae, it was Stéphane Dion's turn to visit the riding. He came to Clarence-Rockland to lend support to local Libeeral candidate Julie Bourgeois. Read more...
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Ottawa Citizen profile on Liberal: Julie Bourgeois
As an eight-year-old, Julie Bourgeois was the first girl to play organized hockey in her hometown of Embrun. At 33, she took up kick boxing.

And on Day 4 of the election campaign, she took off the gloves and delivered a verbal blow to Conservative rival Pierre Lemieux in a press release, calling him a “liar” over statements about a potential Liberal coalition government and federal benefits for volunteer firefighters.

Bourgeois, 38, clearly knows she’ll have to fight hard to reclaim the riding from two-term Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux.

She is a local assistant Crown attorney and a seasoned debater, with a degree in political science and criminology. She has served on the board of trustees of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group as well as the board of administration of the Canadian Mental Health Association for the Champlain East region.

She lives in Casselman with her husband, Mark Kelly, and their two children.

Here is a Bourgeois election sign. They are becoming ubiquitous in the riding. This particular one is at the corner of St. Joseph and Patricia Streets, and has been defaced.

Interesting thecolour of paint is close to the Tory Blue.
(Photo - Meikle)
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Lemieux attack ignites a fuse
(LeDroit - Samuel Blais-Gauthier)
(Wednesday, March 30, 2011) The first arrows were fired in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding between rivals, incumbent Pierre Lemieux and his Liberal rival Julie Bourgeois.

"The Liberals voted against the welfare of our volunteer firefighters."

These words from Conservative Pierre Lemieux were enough to set fire to the powder, as the campaign has barely begun.

Liberal candidate Julie Bourgeois strongly reiterated that her party last year, introduced a similar incentive, if not more advantageous for volunteer firefighters, going so far as to call Pierre Lemieux "mendacious (liar)."

(... and later...)
Julie Bourgeois did not mince her words.

"Conservative candidate Pierre Lemieux is as dishonest as his leader when he says that the Liberals want to deprive volunteer firefighters a tax benefit of $ 3,000."

You can read more of this story, in its original French language, here.

(Comment: The sign wars have begun and from our observation, the Bourgeois team was the first to hit the streets of Rockland. - Ed.)

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Tory budget now becomes election carrot
(Courtesy Vision Newspaper - Greg Chamberlain Monday, March 28, 2011) The federal budget bringeth, and the federal election taketh away. Maybe.

The Conservatives have a potential tempting campaign carrot to dangle in front of some voting groups. It’s the proposed spring budget they never got to bring to a vote before Parliament.

At his Rockland campaign office, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell incumbent MP Pierre Lemieux paused and thought for a moment when asked whether or not his party, if it were re-elected, would bring back the original budget that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty proposed at the end of March or would a new Harper Tory government bring out a new budget?

“That’s a good question,” Lemieux said. “The prime minister has committed to implementing the budget as it was tabled, so some of those key measures in the budget are campaign-slate issues now.”
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Green Party candidate Sylvie Lemieux from Cumberland, begins
(Courtesy Vision Newspaper - Greg Chamberlain Monday, March 28, 2011) Green Party candidate Sylvie Lemieux spent her first Sunday morning of the federal election campaign on a door-knocking session around her Cumberland home neighbourhood.

“I can tell you one thing about the weather today,” she said, smiling. “It’s cold.”

But Lemieux is looking forward to the election fever heating up in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding of incumbent Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux. She sees the GPR as maybe proving another one of the swing ridings in Ontario that both the Conservatives and the Liberals need to win if either one of the two major parties hope to form the government after May 2 and one that occupies a large portion of the seats in Parliament.

“Ontario will decide if it is a minority or a majority government,” Lemieux said. “I think the West will vote (Conservative) like they did the last election. Québec, except for a few places, is pretty much the Bloc Québecois. I think the (election) game is in Ontario.”

With the NDP yet to announce a candidate in the riding, Sylvie Lemieux is the sole alternative choice for voters unwilling to cast their ballots for either the Tories or the Grits.

As a second-time Green candidate, she is looking forward to some intelligent, issue-oriented debates during the five weeks of campaigning leading up to the election.

“I think we can have a smart election where people are not afraid to speak about the (real) issues,” she said. “I am not a slogan person. I am hoping we (Green Party) will have a chance to be strong on all our issues of social justice, the economy, and the environment.”
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Lemieux and Bourgeois play their cards
The Conservative incumbent in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Pierre Lemieux, did not budge. The budget that was tabled by the government was custom made for the residents of his constituency.

He also intends to play the same cards to convince voters to reelect him a third time.

"If we are re-elected, we will implement exactly the same budget presented," says Lemieux. "This budget targets the priorities of the residents of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

Employment ranks high on the priority list for the incumbent.

(NOTE: The rest of this article is"poorly" translated using only the Google option. -Ed.)

"The major challenge for the region's employment. People around me convey their concerns about the economy and I concentrated my efforts to secure employment. The people of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell should keep their jobs and we need to sort of stimulate the economy to create and retain more jobs, "committed the Conservative candidate.

The latter was keen to remind the initiatives in this direction proposed in the budget submitted by his government as the tax cuts for small and medium businesses, the premium of $ 1,000 for businesses while creating employment in the company and locally, commitment vis-à-vis the Community Development Corporation of Prescott-Russell.

The family first, "said Bourgeois

The Liberal candidate, Julie Bourgeois, she thinks "family. "

"Supporting families, that's my priority. We must make every effort to maintain and improve the quality of life for families in our region. If we want to attract families in the region, the first thing we must look ", says Julie Bourgeois Liberal candidate and deputy prosecutor at the Court of L'Orignal.

Ms. Bourgeois proposes to build a better accessibility to post secondary assistance to parents to defray the costs of childcare and support local farmers, a major employment sector in Eastern Ontario. "Because when the family goes, everything goes. Everything starts from there, "said Ms. Bourgeois.

Sylvie Lemieux represent the colors of the Green Party in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, the one who wanted to provoke a leadership race within his party to take part in the inauguration.

At the time of going to press, Le Droit could not join the local wing of the NDP in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.
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Glengarry-Prescott-Russell - Election Map

Boundaries description (Consisting of):

(a) the United Counties of Prescott and Russell;

(b) that part of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry comprised of the Township of North Glengarry; and

(c) that part of the City of Ottawa lying easterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec with a line drawn due north from the mouth of Cardinal Creek; thence due south along said line to the mouth of Cardinal Creek; thence generally easterly along said creek to Regional Road No. 174; thence generally southwesterly along said road to Trim Road; thence southeasterly along Trim Road to Wall Road; thence generally southwesterly along Wall Road to Mer Bleue Road; thence southeasterly along Mer Bleue Road to Navan Road; thence easterly along Navan Road to Mer Bleue Road; thence southeasterly along Mer Bleue Road, its production and Boundary Road to Burton Road.
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Elections Canada is hiring part-time staff
ELECTIONS CANADA: With the forthcoming federal election announcement, Elections Canada is seeking part-time positions. For details on these positions, you are encouraged to visit their website.
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Conservative Royal Galipeau
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