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Eastbound 174 opens Monday; Jeann D'arc remains closed
Sinkhole traffic shows problems of having an east-end bridge
Councillor questions 174 contractor
Cost=$5M; One eastbound lane opens to ease commute

What's the fast way home? We want you to tell us...
UPDATE: Sinkhole won't be fixed until sometime next week...
Sinkhole swallows car on Highway 174 at Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard in Orleans
Eastbound Highway 174 lanes to reopen this afternoon; Jeanne D’Arc off ramp expected to remain closed

Looking west along Highway 174, you see the sinkhole construction.
Almost complete, the eastbound lanes will open this afternoon.
(Photo Shawn Meikle)

(City of Ottawa, Sunday, September 16, 2012) The City plans to reopen all eastbound lanes of Highway 174 Monday afternoon, which were closed as a result of a sinkhole. However, the Jeanne D’Arc off ramps expected to remain closed to traffic until repairs to that portion of the road are complete.

Repairs to the off-ramp are expected to be done early this week, weather permitting.

Drivers who need to exit Highway 174 at the Jeanne D’Arc off ramp can exit at the Montreal Road exit in the interim.

The City of Ottawa appreciates the continued patience of commuters during this final stage of repairs. For further updates, residents can visit ottawa.ca or monitor @ottawacity on Twitter.

Check out the Citizen coverage with a great evening shot, click here.

Check out the Ottawa Sun coverage with another good photo and lots of related stories, click here.

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Councillors Monette, Bloess
Sinkhole traffic shows problems of east-end bridge

(CBC News - Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 ) Two east Ottawa city councillors say traffic issues with the sinkhole demonstrate the problems of having an interprovincial bridge that would connect Highway 174 and Gatineau's east end.

Rainer Bloess and Bob Monette said the traffic congestion caused by the closure of the highway near the Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard exit provides a preview of future traffic jams for people living in Orleans. Read more...

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Councillor questions 174 contractor
(Thursday, September 13, 2012 ) The company hired by the City to do both the original and emergency work on the failed pipe at the 174 and Jeanne d'Arc is the same firm involved in building the pedestrian overpass at the Airport Parkway. The main tower on that project was torn down in the middle of construction because of problems with the concrete.

And now an east-end councillor, Bob Monette, says he is stunned the same contractor was hired within four months of the issue with the pedestrian bridge.

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Cost of fixing sinkhole swells to $5M
Cost of fixing sinkhole swells to $5M; One eastbound lane opens to ease commute

(Click on this graphic for more information)

(Thursday, September 13, 2012 ) Replacing a collapsed sewer pipe that caused a large sinkhole along Highway 174 and has snarled traffic for east-side residents is expected to cost almost $5 million, council heard on Wednesday. read extensive coverage from the Ottawa Citizen. Click here.

In the meantime, one eastbound lane will remain open from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily for the evening commute. More...
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What's the fastest way home? We want you to tell us

QUESTION: Has anyone who uses Hwy-174 east to Cumberland Village, Rockland, Wendover and beyond, found a quicker way home? The Citizen offers several routes, but we want to hear from someone who has the travel experience?

Contact us:

Example: (Friday, September 7, 2012, 3:00 p.m.) We just traveled from the corner of Carling Avenue and Preston Street, to the Canaan Connexion office off Canaan Road at Blue Jay Drive, and it took us 40 minutes.

Our route took us from Carling Avenue to Bronson, east on Chamberlain/Isabella to the Queensway (Hwy 174). We then followed Highway 417at the split, east towards Montreal, getting off at the Vars exit. We then drove east on Rockdale, right and east on Russland; left and north on Dunning; right and east onto Colonial Road; left and north on Birchgrove; right and east on Etienne; left and north on Canaan Road to Blue Jay Drive.

Sounds like a lot of driving and it was a longer route than the normal Highway 174 to Canaan Road... but these are not normal times and as mentioned the drive took us 40 minutes. The usual time from these points might take us 30 minutes, but with the detours aroun the sinkhole, with rush hour traffic, it would probably take an hour or more and under very stressful stop-an-go conditions. , it ws, but with the detours
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UPDATE: Sinkhole won't be fixed until sometime next week...
(Orleans - Thursday, September 7, 2012) A new pipe needed to fix a sinkhole that swallowed a car and closed the eastbound lanes of Highway 174 is being manufactured in Toronto and should arrive next week, the city said Thursday. Follow extensive coverage from the Ottawa Citizen.
Click here...
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Commuter alert - find alternate routes home!
Sinkhole closes 174 eastbound at Blair to 10th Line

(This is the scene shortly after it happened.)

(Orleans - Tuesday, September 4, 2012) A massive sinkhole that swallowed a car just after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening will likely shut down the eastbound Highway 174 to commuters traveling anywhere east of Orleans.n It may take days to fix.

(A few hours later and the car has disappeared.)

Juan Pedro Unger was driving home eastbound on Highway 174, approaching the Jeanne d'Arc offramp when he came up to what he thought was a dark patch of pavement. As he got closer he realized that it was a hole, but it was too late to stop. Read more with video...
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