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Cost of cell phone tickets to rise for distracted drivers
Calypso Park in hot water again

Guy Félio, Ward 5 councillor, will not run in the next city election

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew
Local athletes at Sochi
Donate your smartphone to science, but only when you sleep
Funeral eulogies curtailed at Ottawa Archdiocese
Ontario drivers can now renew licence online
Fatal accident closed Highway 174 on Family Day morning

Gatineau's La Ferme Rouge levelled by stubborn blaze
Jean-Marc Lalonde is jumping back in to politics
Fire destroys home on McTeer Road
Watch Ivanie Blondin's 3000m speed skating run (Her parents live in Rockland)
Fire destroys cabin at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre
Conflict of Interest Complaint Against Raymond Serrurier withdrawn
Clarence-Rockland Municipal Employees support strike action
Gilles Chartrand and his C-R Museum featured in the current issue
Top Story for 2013: C-R Council members and lawyer face court Feb. 4
More Local News Headlines from this time period...
News Headlines from Jewel 92.5
Other News Headlines we wanted to share


Calypso Park in hot water again

(February 28, 2014) Calypso Theme Waterpark is back in the news, facing eight charges under the Environmental Protection Act. Read more...

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Guy Félio, Ward 5 councillor, will not run in the next city election
(Monday, 24 February 2014) According to a brief note in the Vision Newspaper online edition, Councillor Guy Félio will not represent Ward 5 in the fall 2014 municipal election. He evidently expressed his intentions in a letter to the Clarence-Rockland mayor as well as to several news outlets, citing "personal and professional" reasons.

Le Droit newspaper also carried a story on Councillor Félio's announcement:

Mayor Guibord's right arm at the council table is halting his political career. Councillor Guy Félio has announced he would not seek a second term. He informed the Mayor of his decision by email this weekend. More (in French)...

Ward 1 councillor Michel Thivierge has also indicated that he will not seek re-election in the next race. Interestingly, former mayor and provincial MPP, Jean-Marc Lalonde, has declared his candidacy for Ward 1.

In related news, the Clarence-Rockland website, Citizens for Ethical Government (CEG), has listed six people so far who have registered to run in the election. Read more...

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Local athletes at Sochi

We have at least three athletes from our area representing Canada at Sochi:

Funeral eulogies curtailed at Ottawa Archdiocese

Ottawa Catholics are no longer able to give eulogies for lost loved ones during funeral masses, after the Archbishop for the region issued a decree ending the practice this month. Is it control or faith? For story and comments click here.

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Donate your smartphone to science, but only when you sleep

A new app puts users' smartphones and their processors to good use when they're charging at night. Called PowerSleep, the app is a collaboration between Samsung and the University of Vienna, and it uses devices' processing power for crunching through scientific research. Problem is, who's controlling your phone?

Ontario drivers can now
renew licence online

Motorists due to renew their Ontario driver’s licences can now do it online instead of standing in line. Read more...

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Special Investigations Unit probing circumstances
Fatal accident closes 174 at Quigley Hill westbound on Monday
(Monday, February 17, 2014) Family Day commuters ran in to police detours this morning, on their way to Ottawa. It was due to an early morning single-vehicle fatality at Highway 174 and Trim Road, when a suspect being pursued by police crashed his 2000 Volkswagen Jetta.

Ottawa police had been in pursuit of the Volkswagen prior to the fatal collision. An unidentified 24 year old male, the sole occupant, died at the scene. One police cruiser was in pursuit of the vehicle which was travelling on highway 174 without headlights.

The Special Invesgitations Unit (SIU) has assigned four investigators, two forensic investigators and a collision reconstructionist to look into what caused the crash. The SIU is called in to investigate reports that involve police where there has been injuries, death or allegations of sexual assault.

An autopsy is expected tomorrow and family are still being notified. No other details about the crash have been released. Read more with pictures...

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Restaurant was popular with many local residents
Gatineau's La Ferme Rouge levelled by stubborn blaze

Nothing left but the sign... (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

(Gatineau-Masson-Angers, Sunday, February 16, 2014) A large fire caused by welding work destroyed the Ferme Rouge restaurant in Gatineau on Sunday. Firefighters responded to 1957 Montreal Rd. W., in Gatineau’s east end, just before 11 a.m. A welder working in the basement had called 911 to report flames.

The Ferme Rouge was a cabaret-style restaurant. It was originally built as a farmhouse at the turn of the century, then became a restaurant in the 1970s. Live musical performances began in 1989, according to its website.

La Ferme Rouge was popular with local residents who could reach it within minutes of taking the ferry from Cumberland to Masson-Angers. Read more and view a video here.

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Jean-Marc Lalonde is jumping back in to politics
(Rockland, Friday, February14, 2014) Several news outlets (see below) have reported that Jean-Marc Lalonde (a former Rockland mayor and more recently local Liberal MLA) has announced that he will run as a candidate for Ward 1 in the City of Clarence-Rockland for the October civic election.

Mr. Lalonde chose Valentine's Day to announce his return to politics because as he said: "Je retourne à mes amours". He told the Canaan Connexion that after his family, politics is his first love. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

He said that running in a ward will be so easy. In 2007 when he ran in the Ontario general election in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell he canvassed over 11,000 doors. He says he can do Ward 1 in about two days.

He was 27 the first time he ran. Someone commented that if he gets elected he will be 79, to which he remarks, look at the mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion. She is now 93.

He calls himself a rassembleur, a person who unifies, brings people together. Over the years he has been recognized by some 76 countries for his work world-wide in sports and politics. He listens to what people have to say. If something is not possible, you have to tell them. You have to be honest.

When Mr. Lalonde was in parliament, he had three constituency office. Everyday he would get a list of people who would call him. "There were rarely less than 20," he says, "but I would call them all after 6:00 p.m.," even the (difficult) ones who his office would advise not to call. He said that after he spoke to them they would often thank him.

He was previously mayor of Rockland from 1976 to 1991. You can read Jean-Marc's profile and electoral record here, and read his Parliamentary History here.

The Lalonde family has a long history in the area and Jean-Marc's brother Richard Lalonde was the previous mayor of Clarence-Rockland.

Here are some current stories:

The Ward 1seat is presently held by Michel Thivierge. (View his interview on local TVC22.)

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Near Ottawa/Clarence-Rockland border off Highway 17:
Fire destroys home on McTeer Road

3859 McTeer Road, scene of Thursday's fire is cordoned off by by a "Crime Scene-Do Not Cross"
tape, and guarded by an OPP member, awaiting further investigation by the Fire Marshall's office.
(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

(Rockland, Thursday, February 13, 2014) An early evening fire gutted a home at 3959 McTeer Road, just inside the Clarence-Rockland border and near Highway 17, on Thursday evening. It was reported around 6:00 p.m. but by the time the Clarence-Rockland Fire Department arrived, the structure was fully engulfed.

"The main floor had already collapsed in the basement and we had to go to a defensive attack, fighting the fire from the outside," said C-R Chief Pierre Sabourin in a tweet. "Since there are no hydrants in that area and we needed a lot of water, we called in mutual aid for water tankers from Limoges, Alfred-Plantagenet and Ottawa to compliment the two tankers we have."

Chief Sabourin advised the Canaan Connexion that the house was a total loss and the Office of the Fire Marshall was called in to assist with the investigation. No one was in the house and no one was injured.

One neighbour said that February 13 was not a lucky day for the residents and that the area looked like the set of a TV-action movie, with fire trucks, police cars and ambulances.

Local radio station Jewel 92.5 also reported the fire on their Facebook page, showing photos and video.

As a matter of interest:
Clarence-Rockland Fire Department (CRFD) has three fire stations located in Bourget (#1), Clarence Creek (#2) and Rockland (#3). Each is headed by a deputy-chief. Whenever there is an emergency call, be it fire, accident or medical alert, the dispatcher (Ottawa central) usually puts out a request to all three stations, depending on the location and circumstances. Units responding could include a rescue truck, ladder and/or pumper truck (similar to the one pictured).

The first unit chief to arrive assumes "command" and coordinates the operation. If the location is close to the Clarence-Rockland border, adjacent fire departments, such as Ottawa will also respond. And if there is a need for further equipment, as there was in this case, additional reinforcements are called in.

Once this fire was brought under control and extinguished, units from the CRFD remained on the scene over night, in the event that "hot spots" might flare up.

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Watch Ivanie Blondin's 3000m speed skating run

Ivanie Blondin on the right against Korea's Kim Bo Reum. (Click on pic to view.)

Ivanie Blondin has been living away from her friends and family for most of the past four years to train. She's been waking up at the crack of dawn in Calgary, while her friends back home are sleeping in. The 23-year-old speed skater moved to Calgary to train with the national team after getting her start with the Gloucester Concordes, skating out of the Bob McQuarrie rink in Orleans. While in Sochi, her parents, Robert and Lise Blondin, will stay in Rockland, where they've moved from her childhood home in Orleans, and cheer her on. You can cheer her on through her Twitter page and see her Facebook page, you can also read her biography from Speedskating Canada.

Related story from Orleans Online:
Blondin makes Olympic debut, places 24th in 3000 metres

View her biography on the website.

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Fire destroys cabin at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre
(Tuesday, January 21, 2014) Around 2:30 a.m,. fire destroyed a sleeping cabin at the MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre which is located between Wilhaven Drive and Highway 174 just west of Canaan Road, the border between Ottawa and Clarence-Rockland. ( Click on the photo to enlarge.)

By the time fire crews arrived at 3200 Wilhaven Drive, the entire building was engulfed in flames and the cabin burned to the ground. Damage to the cabin and its contents is estimated at about $60,000. It was used as a storage shed or for lodging.

About 25 students were sleeping in another area of the centre overnight. No one was hurt.

MacSkimming is a 162-hectare outdoor education centre owned by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, which teaches outdoor and pioneering skills. Opened in 1967 and named after its creator, Ottawa educator W.T. MacSkimming, the
MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre is one of North America’s first Outdoor Education facilities.

The fire department is investigating what caused the fire.
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Conflict of Interest Complaint Against Raymond Serrurier withdrawn
(Rockland, Thursday, January 9, 2014) According to a statement released by former C-R councillor, Raymond Serrurier, all applications that had been filed against him at the Superior Court of Ontario by Jacques Archambault and Jean-Claude Marinier were withdrawn on Monday December 9, 2013.

The application was dropped without any conditions or costs being imposed on the former Clarence-Rockland councillor.

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With an 87 per cent mandate
Clarence-Rockland Municipal Employees support strike action
(Clarence-Rockland, January. 2, 2014)) With little progress after six days of bargaining, municipal employees gathered in a capacity-filled room at River Rock Inn in Rockland and delivered a strike mandate of 87 per cent.

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 503 represents all full-time municipal employees at the City of Clarence-Rockland, namely: public works road crews clearing winter snow, arena operators, mechanics, child care educators in child care centres, operators at the waste disposal site, tax collection, accounts receivable and accounts payable staff, urban planners, building inspection officers, by-law officers, and other administrative support staff at City offices.

"Talks with the City have reached an impasse and are at a standstill", said Jean-Marc Bézaire, CUPE National Representative. "It appears like the City's bargaining committee's hands are tied which suggests that the problem lies with a few senior officials at City Hall."

Mr. Bézaire added, "The Union has asked for the help of a conciliator from the Ministry of Labour in an attempt to avoid a strike. If that fails, we might find ourselves forced by management to take action - which would be bad for our community and all concerned. Our hope is that cooler heads will prevail at City Hall and a reasonable solution will be found."

Read our previous story on negotiations from 2011,
click here.
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Gilles Chartrand and his C-R Museum
featured in the current issue

 (Sunday, December 29, 2013) If you pick up the current copy of Parenting TImes, winter 2012/2014 issue, you will find a neat feature on our local Clarence-Rockland Museum. Read more...

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This had to be the top story for the Clarence-Rockland area...

UPDATE: Pre-trial hearing set:
C-R Council members and lawyer face court Feb. 4


(Tuesday, December 3, 2013) The court case involving the mayor and two councillors of the City of Clarence-Rockland moves on into the new year.

Click here to catch up on the ongoing saga called the Clarence-Rockland City Council.

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Local News Headlines...

Jean-Marc Lalonde is preparing his return to politics
Le Droit has reported that the former MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell plans to run for the office of councilor in Clarence-Rockland in the next municipal election in 2014. Read the story in French, here.

A French public high school for Rockland?

Le Droit has reported that the first French language public high school school board will be launched in Clarence-Rockland, in Eastern Ontario. The Public School Board of Eastern Ontario (CEPEO) has signed a tentative agreement with the municipality for its construction. Read more...

Incest, sexual abuse in Prescott-Russell to be studied

CBC News is reporting that a group of women's shelters have commissioned a study to measure sexual abuse — and in particular incest — in the eastern Ontario region of Prescott-Russell. The Prescott-Russell coalition for the elimination of violence against women has commissioned University of Ottawa researchers to look at the reported incidents in their region and then report back later this month. Read more...

Videotron adding 36 English HD channels, but there’s a catch

In an effort to close the gap in its offering of high-definition channels, Videotron is making its biggest addition ever of HD services on Dec. 4, with 36 HD channels in English and one in

But not everyone will be getting the new channels because there isn’t enough bandwidth to distribute them everywhere. Nine of the channels will be available in Rockland, Ont., and Gatineau, where Videotron has freed up space on its network by removing bandwidth-hogging analog cable channels.

Related story:

Videotron trying hard to attract new anglophone clients

In one sentence, Videotron’s vice-president, content operations and public affairs Isabelle Dessureault explains why Quebec’s largest cable television provider is playing catch-up with anglophones against a competitor she does not name but starts with B and ends with “ell.” More...

Parents of young children:

CHEO ranked Ontario’s top pediatric care hospital

(This will be of interest to parents of children aged 0 to 18.) Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 14. The Member of Parliament suffers from unacceptably high levels of calcium, requiring more extensive medical examinations. More...

MP Royal Galipeau hospitalized
Ottawa-Orléans MP Royal Galipeau was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 14. The Member of Parliament suffers from unacceptably high levels of calcium, requiring more extensive medical examinations. More...

Province won’t allow city to charge tolls for 174, minister says
The city (Ottawa) government won’t be allowed to put toll gates at the east end of Hwy. 174, says provincial Transportation Minister Glen Murray. More...

Check out the news headlines from Clarence-Rockland's Radio Jewel 92.5 next:
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News Headlines from Jewel 92.5
Clarence-Rockland councilor resigns

Clarence-Rockland's council has been shaken up once again. Raymond Serrurier announced his resignation at Monday night's council meeting, claiming he's lost confidence in the council's capacity to act. Read more...

Two teens arrested and charged in Rockland corner store robbery
Two male teens, aged 13 and 16-years-old, were arrested and charged Saturday night in a break and enter at Epicerie Lemieux on Laurier street in Rockland.

Second break and enter at Cafe LaRoche in 2 weeks
Cafe LaRoche in Rockland is the victim of yet another break and enter.

Read these stories and more,
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Other News Headlines we would like to share

Festive RIDE program and Operation Red Nose now on
(Friday, November 22, 2013)

  • With the holidays fast approaching parties and drinks with friends will be on the rise and so will road side stops now that the Festive RIDE program has been officially launched involving OPP, Ottawa Police, RCMP and military police. More...
  • The third annual Operation Red Nose launched today. Over the holiday season, volunteers will provide rides for people and their vehicles who have indulged in a few too many glasses of egg nog and can’t safely drive themselves home. More...

Ottawa man starts online petition to bring back ‘Merry Christmas’
Russ Salo has started a website and petition to put "Merry Christmas" back. He got the idea after his children’s school removed mentioning Christmas from its annual Christmas concert and instead changed it to a winter celebratory music festival.

Used tires turned into rubber mats in Moose Creek
(Friday, November 22, 2013) A tire recycling facility opens today in a small village east of Ottawa, turning tires into rubber floor mats that are popular with farmers.

Still more Clarence-Rockland headlines...
A round up of local news items from Google News...
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Cost of cell phone tickets to rise

Using a cell phone while driving will soon cost drivers much more. Beginning March 18 the fine will rise from $155 to $280 after the victim surcharge and court costs are factored in. Hands free devices are still allowed to be used behind the wheel.
Local police say they’re hoping the higher fines will convince drivers to stay off their phones. (Read our
previous story...)


Bourget's Marc Dorion
(Click on the pic for Paralympics...)

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew
How many of us have tried to celebrate
an occasion with a bottle of wine, only
to find out we did not have a corkscrew
to open the bottle?
Well watch this amazing demonstration.
(Click on the picture.)


5 Facts You Need to Know If Your Vitamins Are From China:
one-sixth of China’s farmlands
are heavily polluted!

Rockland's weather
(Gatineau Airport is closer than Ottawa)

CBC's weather specialist
Ian Black on

1310 News - Storm Centre here...
To view Environment Canada's nation wide Public Weather Alerts, click here...

Check the satellite tracking here.

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