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Blais promotes a toll station for vehicles traveling into Ottawa from the east (Rockland) More...

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Cumberland Village News
Stephen Blais promotes a toll station for all vehicles traveling from east, Rockland
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(Monday, January 7, 2013)(NOTE: This is the story that started it all, with updates below.) Ottawa Councillor Stephen Blais, who represents Cumberland (Ward 19), immediately east of Clarence-Rockland, collapsed with a heart attack while working out at a local gym. We offer updates as they are posted. Click here...


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Updates for Stephen Blais
Councillor Stephen Blais out of critical care - March 5:
Ottawa Councillor Stephen Blais used his twitter account to tell the city that he's been moved out of the critical care unit at the Heart Institute.

City Councillor Stephen Blais Tweets update on his health - March 5:
Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is out of critical care and in a regular hospital room almost two months after suffering a heart attack. More...

Ottawa councillor Blais leaves coronary care unit for ‘regular’ hospital room: Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is out of critical care and in a regular hospital room almost two months after suffering a heart attack. More...

Over an hour without a heartbeat - March7:
That was about the time it took to get Stephen Blais’ heart to start again.

Stephen Blais discusses surviving heart attack in CTV interview:
Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais' heart attack was caused by a 90 per cent blockage in an artery in his heart that was a 'ticking time bomb'. He owes his life to a Montfort Hospital doctor who managed to revive him after his heart had stopped beating for more than an hour.
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Another obstacle for Stephen Blais
(Orleans Star -January 24, 2013) After suffering a heart attack when he collapsed at GoodLife Fitness, in Place D’Orléans, on Jan. 7, Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais has encountered yet another obstacle on his road to recovery.

“Our family is pleased to report that Stephen’s heart is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack a mere two weeks ago,” said his family in a statement circulated by the City. “However, we are saddened by the fact that Stephen is facing a new health hurdle: a severe case of pneumonia.”
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Councillors step in to represent Cumberland in Blais's absence, Coun. Bob Monette filling Cumberland role as needed
(EMC news - Friday, January 24, 2013) As Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais recovers after a heart attack and surgery, his office staff and fellow councillors are stepping in to fill his shoes.

Neighbouring Orléans Coun. Bob Monette said he contacted Blais's office immediately after he heard what happened.

"I've offered my services as a city councillor for anything where they need a councillor's intervention, such as bureaucracy, such as meeting with developers, meeting with the community," he said.
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From Ottawa City Hall on behalf of Marta Blais:
Monday, January 14, 2013
A week ago today, my husband, Councillor Stephen Blais suffered a serious heart
attack. As Stephen continues to clear hurdles on his path to recovery, I would like to take this opportunity to thank his office staff for their tireless work on behalf of Cumberland ward residents. Our family has also immensely benefitted from their devotion to us throughout this time.

I would also like to thank City Clerk staff, City employees, Councillor Bob Monette and the Mayor and Council for their compassion and support provided to us during this past week. Stephen is heartened by their professionalism and commitment to him as a member of the greater City of Ottawa family.

And lastly, I would be remiss if I did not say that anyone who knows Stephen will
attest that he will be back to work as soon as possible.
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Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais:
Collapses at gym, rushed to hospital

Councillor Stephen Blais(Monday, January 7, 2013) Ottawa Councillor Stephen Blais, who represents Cumberland Ward, immediately east of Clarence-Rockland, is being treated at hospital after he collapsed while at the gym Monday morning.

  • 1310 News reported that Blais had no vital signs when he collapsed around 10 a.m., but was revived by paramedics who rushed him to Montfort Hospital. The 32-year-old councillor has now been transferred to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
  • The Orleans Star ran the story on their website today: "City staff has confirmed that Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais was rushed to the Montfort Hospital after collapsing while at the Orléans Goodlife gym, this morning." More...
  • Read an expanded story from the Ottawa Citizen: "Councillor Stephen Blais rushed to hospital after collapse". More...
  • You can visit his website here.
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Ward 19 Councillor

Ottawa Citizen Interviews Blais

Councillor Stephen Blais'Be sincere, be brief, be seated'.
City Councillor Stephen Blais on superheroes and what he stole from FDR.

By Bruce Deachman
Ottawa Citizen,
January 15, 2011
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Councillor Stephen Blais
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