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Previous News headlines
Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA - Yours to use...
Obituary: Veteran OPP officer once served in Rockland
Ban on hand-held devices (cell phones) now Ontario law
Traffic Lights finally installed at Canaan and 174
Wilhaven now resurfaced from Canaan westward
Canaan Crew cleans up road for the Monique Lussier memorial
UPDATES: C-R Recreation and Cultural Complex and Library is now a reality

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Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA - Yours to use...

Here is your chance to get into shape. The Clarence-Rockland YMCA-YWCA offers state of the art facilities and equipment and the cost is very reasonable. Click here to visit our Web page highlighting the complex and have a look at the photos below.

A state-of-the-art workout area is waiting for you to try.

The Recreation Complex and Libary are attached to
L'École secondaire catholique L’Escale de Rockland on the right.

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Obituary: Veteran OPP officer once served in Rockland

Geoffrey Graham, a 28 year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police, who served for a time in Rockland, passed away recently. He was stationed at the local detachment in the 1980s, serving on local patrol and then as a detective. He also worked in the OPP's Orleans office before it was taken over by the Ottawa Police after amalgamation. He eventually moved to Long Sault, when he was promoted to Detective Sergeant.

"He was a hard-working, determined policeman," says former colleague and partner Rick Riddell, now retired from the force and living in Rockland. Back in the eighties there were a series of bank robberies in the area and the team of Graham and Riddell were succesful in catching the bank robbers.

Geoffrey was well known in the Orleans area where he lived and Riddell remembered him as a "loyal, true blue Minnesota Vikings fan" who was also a good football player in his younger days. He says Geoffrey was the picture of health, and his passing came as a surprise to those who knew him.

Rockland resident Michelle Guindon knew Geoffrey well from her many years working as an office administrator with the OPP, first in Rockland and then in Orleans.

"He was always in a good mood, jovial, humourous and had a good sense of humour" says Guindon. At the same time he was serious about his work, a good policeman and a good detective. He was devoted to his family. They were very important to him, a priority, says Guindon, a great guy all around.

"We were a very close group in the eighties," says Guindon, "one big family. We worked hard, but enjoyed it."

You can click here to see Geoffrey Graham's obituary.
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Ban on hand-held devices now Ontario law

It's now the law - the use of hand-held cell phones and other wireless devices while driving is prohibited in Ontario. The new distracted driving law makes it illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, dial or email using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices. Hands-free use of these devices will still be permitted. More...

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Traffic Lights finally installed at Canaan and 174

Thanks to the diligent efforts of City of Ottawa Councillor Rob Jellett, Clarence-Rockland Councillor Kyle Cyr (Ward 5) and Clarence-Rockland's Mayor Richard Lalonde, the traffic lights at Canaan Road and Ottawa Road 174 are now up and running.

The City of Ottawa, the City of Clarence-Rockland and the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, each paid one third of the project to install the traffic control signals. The estimated cost to install the traffic signal and street lighting is $260,000.

Patrick Meikle (representing Councillor Kyle Cyr), Rob Jellett and Richard Lalonde
inaugurated the new traffic lights. Canaan Road is in the background. (Photo-Linda Payant)

“This is a major intersection in the City of Ottawa’s east end and I am delighted to have been able to work with elected officials of neighbouring Clarence-Rockland and the United Counties of Prescott-Russell ” said Councillor Rob Jellett. “The cooperative model of financing this initiative will be a first for the City of Ottawa and I am thankful to my colleagues for their support”.

“I am very pleased to see that the traffic lights are finally going up and it will help mitigate collisions and reduce traffic fatalities on this roadway and improve traffic conditions flowing east and west, “said Mayor Richard Lalonde. ‘’This is a first partnership with United Counties of Prescott-Russell, City of Ottawa & City of Clarence-Rockland’’.

“It's an honour for me to represent not only our Councillor Kyle Cyr, but also the many residents of Canaan Road and beyond who have worked really hard with letters to both the City of Ottawa and Clarence-Rockland," said Patrick Meikle." They also deserve a huge thanks. We've been at this project at least since 2001.

(For previous stories on this issue, click here.)

Frustrated drivers had long waits as
lines of traffic never seemed to end.

Preliminary work on the traffic
lights started in 2002!

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Wilhaven now resurfaced from Canaan westward

The City of Ottawa has contracted out to have Wilhaven Road resurfaced. The expression the crew foreman gave to the Canaan Connexion was "surface treatment", which will include "chips and tar". This is the next best thing to pavement because the driving will be much smoother with less dust.

The new surface should be in place within two weeks and will no doubt offer a good alternative to motorists who are frustrated by the long delays trying to get on to Highway 174.

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Canaan Crew cleans up road for the Monique Lussier memorial

Chalk up another successful Canaan Road Clean-up Day thanks to the 16 volunteers who showed up from the Canaan, Blue Jay Ridge and Forest Hill areas on Saturday. This year the First Annual Monique Lussier Memorial Clean-Up Day was dedicated to the memory of Blue Jay resident, Monique Lussier, who passed away from cancer in January. More pictures...

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UPDATES: Clarence-Rockland Recreation
and Cultural Complex and Library is now a reality.

For the Library,
click here.

For the Rec-complex
click here.
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Older Stories
Condolences to the Sanson family
Blue Jay-Forest Hill developer deceased
Canaan Connexion/Standing Pat: Dropped from the Vision
Drivers: Failing to move to the left could earn you a $490 fine!
Highway 174: will it ever be widened? (Read the latest)
Forest Hill residents make a face(book)
Piano anyone? Cumberland resident offers lessons
Haddad's Store - The heart of Cumberland Village

Condolences to the Sanson family

Lehi Sanson of Rockland passed away at the age of 20 on May 9, 2009. He is the son of Monique and Dominique Sanson. Our condolences to the family. More...

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Blue Jay-Forest Hill developer deceased

Robert Saucier, a Rockland land developer, and president of Tempra Homes, builder of most of the Blue Jay Ridge and Forest Hill developments, has passed away. "Bob" was responsible for many housing projects in the Rockland area over the years, and thanks to his creativeness and assistance, many families in the area were able to purchase their first homes. Our condolences go out to his family.
Click here for his obituary.

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Canaan Connexion/Standing Pat: Dropped from the Vision

Just to let you know, thanks to the new management of the Vision Newspaper, columnists will no longer be carried unless they apparently work for the company. So we have been
unceremoniously dropped and our two columns, The Canaan Connexion and Standing Pat, will no longer appear.

We had been trying to get a column in the paper for the several weeks, however they were not being printed.

Here are some recent items that we wrote up:

  • Cathy Cain Park playground equipment
  • Water Problems? Wells need testing
  • Septic systems need attention
  • Traffic lights for Canaan Road
  • Detour on Wilhaven Drive at Beckett's Creek
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Drivers: Failing to move to the left could earn you a $490 fine!
When Ottawa high school teacher Kevin Clarke was pulled over by Ontario Provincial Police, he had no idea what he had done wrong.

It didn't take him long to find out. His jaw dropped when a police officer handed him a ticket for a $490 fine and three demerit points.

His crime, according to the officer, was failing to move to the left while passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the shoulder of the road.
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Highway 174: will it ever be widened?

This is Highway 174 on November 7, 2001
Ever since the local Federal MP and the local Provincial MP
launched their news releases on how money was being allotted
to finally widen Highway 174 from Trim Road in Orleans to
Rockland, a debated has started. Here are some
of the stories that have been generated (the latest at the top):

Hwy. 174 safety audit calls on city to invest in additional road improvements
(Read this news story by Fred Sherwin on his "Orleans Online" Web site)
Commentary: Debate over Hwy. 174 has long-term ramifications
(Read a article by Fred Sherwin on his "Orleans Online" Web site)
Ottawa opts out of study for Orléans-Rockland road
Rockland vs. Orléans: How two communities stack up
Commuters held 'hostage' if road not widened: MPP
Ottawa says no to $80M 'gift' to widen Hwy. 174
Feds ante up funds to help widen Hwy. 174
(You can keep up on the news as we get it and
you can add your opinions to this story...) More...

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Forest Hill residents make a face

About 20 families from Forest Hill have added their "voices" to the ever growing web site Facebook... more to follow. In the meantime check it out under "Forest Hill Friends and Neighbors". (You may have to register, but it free and easy.)
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Piano anyone? Cumberland resident offers lessons

Cumberland resident Bev Baetz is offering piano lessons for beginners, be they children or adults, using the popular Piano
series. click here.

Cumberland Village Community Association
has an engaging Web site that carries local news and information that is very helpful in keeping its residents up-to-date. More...

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A Tribute... our fallen soldiers.

A Blue Jay resident and
former member of the
Canadian Armed Forces
flies the flag at half-staff
each time we lose a soldier
on active duty.
One of our former kids is
currently serving in
Don't think we are not concerned!

Editor loses spouse

My dear spouse and best
friend Monique Lussier passed away on Friday, January 30, 2009 at 7:40 a.m.
Many of you have been
following her long four-year
journey with breast cancer as
was documented from day to
day (click here).


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