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Ottawa Police Service looking to recruit more women
Carl Grimard, Ward 3 launches campaign
New additions to our website: Community Resources and Facebook Pages
Carlsbad Springs: Pedestrian struck and killed by VIA Rail train
Accidents along Highway 17 keep local emergency services busy
Two Alexandria OPP officers charged with breach of trust
Dangerous invasive plants growing all around the area
Guy Desjardins launches his mayoralty campaign

Flooding along Canaan Road

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Ottawa Police Service looking to recruit more women
(Ottawa, September 11, 2014) The Ottawa Police Service is inviting all women interested in a policing career to attend an information session on Tuesday, September 23.

Participants will meet policewomen from different ranks, have the opportunity for on-the-spot mentoring and gain insight into the career from a woman’s perspective.

Registration for this event is not required. The session is taking place here:
Chambers, Ben Franklin Place
101 Centrepointe Drive
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

You can get further information by visiting their
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2014 Municipal Election
Carl Grimard, Ward 3, launches campaign

(Rockland, Wednesday, August 27, 2014 )Carl Grimard, running against incumbent Bernard Payer in Ward 3, opened his election campaign to a small but enthusiastic and boisterous group of supporters, at Boston Pizza. More to follow...

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New additions to our website:
Community Resources and Facebook Pages to inform our readers

(August, 2014) We have added a couple of new pages to our website and hope that our visitors will find them useful.

The first, under the heading of Community Resources, contains several links to to services that will help residents to find information. These resources include: Childcare, Computer Repairs, Facebook Pages, Furniture Repaired/Refurbished, Health and Fitness, Local Fruit/Vegetables, Metal Scrap Pickup, Music Resources Need music for your event?), Pet Care Services, Recycling Resources, Septic Tank - Systems and Maintenance, Small Office - Home Office (SOHO), etc..

The second, contains a growing list of local Facebook and Twitter links.Click on the above graphics to visit wach page. And don't forget to look at our Page Directory below.

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Carlsbad Springs:
Pedestrian struck and killed by VIA Rail train


(Carlsbad Springs, Sunday, August 31, 2014) A VIA Rail train struck and killed a trespasser early Sunday evening on the tracks near Carlsbad Springs, about 40 km southeast of Clarence-Rockland.

The train, with 119 passengers en route to Ottawa from Montreal was delayed by more than two hours.

Two buses were used to take the passengers on to their destinations — one went to Ottawa, the other took the passengers going further than that.

(Comment: Their appear to be a lot of accidents along the VIA corridor between Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and each time trains are delayed and passengers are required to board buses to complete their journies. - Editor)

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Along Highway 17
Accidents keep local emergency services busy
(Clarence-Rockland, August 23/30, 2014) At least three accidents in the past week have kept local police and emergency crews busy. The first took place at the beginning of the week at the intersection of Highway 17 and Landry Road, when a driver evidently ran a red light and hit a small truck. Both drivers were taken away, one by regular ambulance and the other by air ambulance.

At the start of the long weekend, around mid-afternoon, a second accident involving a vehicle and a motorcycle happened at the corner of Highway 17 and Pigeon. Again the air ambulance was called to evacuate the injured motorcyclist.

Then around 6:30 p.m. on the same day, a third accident again on Highway 17, at Edwards Street, with yet another motorcycle and vehicle. The accidents are still under investigation and no further details are available.

(Comment: It is interesting to note that each of the three services (police, fire, ambulance), are often called out separately, however when there is a general emergency, be it fire, accident or house call, all three services will respond and work together in a coordinated effort. - Editor)
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OPP Alexandria:
Two officers charged with breach of trust
(July 23, 2014)Two OPP officers in Alexandria, Ont., have been charged with breach of trust after investigators received a tip an officer was disclosing private information.

Veteran Ontario Provincial Police Const. Luanne MacDonald is facing several criminal charges, including allegations she secretly filmed a naked adult while on duty and then shared the recording, according to court documents obtained by CBC News.

Const. John Bernard, 41, has also been charged with two counts of breach of trust in relation to the same investigation. Bernard is a 14-year OPP veteran.
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Invasive plants can be dangerous
Be aware of what is growing in your area?

(Click on pic to get more details.)

Wild Parsnip is growing like weeds, all around us. Beware! Click for more info...

Someone asked: "Is this plant harmful to pets... ie. dogs?
If you do a Google search for:
"wild parsnip and dogs"

You will find a number of references, including these:
"Bad plants for pets"
"...not as big a problem for pets, but this plant can still hurt them."

(If you can contribute to this story, please send us an email: )

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Mayoralty Campaign:
Guy Desjardins launches his run up for top job

(Rockland, Monday, June 23, 2014) Guy Desjardins' campaign launch for the seat of mayor of Clarence-Rockland took place at Jardins Belle Rive (retirement home) with a room full of family, friends and supporters.

The evening also gave people the opportunity to meet most of the candidates, as Mr. Desjardins had invited all declared candidates to attend the launch. There were 13 people who took the opportunity. They are shown in the photo and include (l-to-r): Serge Dicaire (Ward 8); Mario Zanth (Ward 2); Diane Choinière (Ward 8); Yvon Simoneau (Ward 4); André Lalonde (Ward 5); Bernard Payer (Ward 3); René Campeau (Ward 7); (Guy is in the center); Luc Thivierge (Ward 6); Gerry Bertrand (Ward 5): Carl Grimard (Ward 3); François Monpetit (Ward 5); Krysta Simard (Ward 6); Alain Bernard (Ward 2)(Withdrew)
(Click on the photo to enlarge... NOTE: photo may be slow loading for some Internet feeds).

''My priority, upon becoming mayor, will be to regain the trust of citizens, of municipal employees and of developers of the City of Clarence-Rockland because I believe that together, we can work towards a common goal'', stated Mr. Desjardins. A citizen of St-Pascal and a business man for over forty years, Guy Desjardins is well known for his community involvement and for his integrity. Indeed, Mr. Desjardins has been municipal councillor in Clarence-Rockland for the past eight years and has an excellent understanding of currant important issues.

Ontario municipal elections will be held on Monday October 27th 2014. To ensure that you are on the Voters List, you can contact Elections Ontario at 1.888.668.8683. Visit for more information about voting in Ontario.

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Our area is at risk for big earthquake
Destruction could be far worse than in Christchurch, New Zealand
(CBC Ottawa) Seismologists and structural engineers say this area is at risk for a big earthquake.

The Val-des-Bois quake that shook the capital last year reminded people that we sit in an earthquake zone. And there is a chance it could one day produce a destructive quake far worse than February's deadly magnitude-6.3 tremor in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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Canaan Road:
Flooding prevents access to homes

(June 25, 2014) Heavy rains played havoc along some sections of Canaan Road this week as ditches and fields overflowed. At least two homes could not be accessed because of the high water.

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  • Vars fire causes gas leak, 40 homes evacuated
  • Helen Collier C-R's Interim Chief Administrative Officer
  • Clarence-Creek resident, OPP officer Guy Boucher, saves baby's life
  • Enbridge Gas customers: Your rates going up by 40 per cent, could go higher!
  • In 2013 Bouvier declared one of 10 worst roads in Ontario
  • Ottawa residents: Order of Ottawa nominations now open
  • True Vote proponents collect signatures
  • C-R mayor is P.O'd at the media
  • CIH hockey player skates into powerful issue
  • Canada Post hiking price of stamps on March 31
  • Ottawa scientist’s digital vaccination app goes national
  • Ontario's interactive map pinpoints Traffic & Road Info
  • C-R Chamber of Commerce holds its 2014 AGM
  • Michel Bellemare dismissed as C-R CAO
  • What's happening with C-R's planning director?
  • Cumberland-based Re/Max Citywide Realty has acquires Clarence-Rockland’s Riveria 2000
  • Distracted drivers: Ontario proposes fines of up $1K and 3 demerit points
  • Kevin Trudeau: Finally! somebody saw through the scam
  • C-R Council votes to sell off the Jean-Marc Lalonde arena
  • Clarence Creek man killed in single-car rollover
  • The latest on the college closures in Alfred and Kemptville
  • Ivanie Blondin captures speedskating bronze
  • Dole’s Italian Blend salad being recalled due to possible Listeria contamination
  • St. Albert Cheese gets $1M from province to replace razed factory
  • Early morning fire claims the life of Rockland resident
  • Gatineau contractor charged with fraud - Police looking for other victims
  • Amazing Women from the past to the present
  • Driving in Ottawa/Gatineau? Beware -STEP themes for March and April

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October 27 Elections
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Police charge Ontario teen in connected to CRA privacy breach

Malware menace!

As the internet continues to grow, so do the threats to your computer. Hackers want to infect computers with “malware” — short for malicious software — that could steal your passwords, extort you for money or control your machine for a larger, more nefarious operation. More...

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