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NOTE... This page is ARCHIVES 6. Click here to go to ARCHIVES 5 for news between October 2012 and July 2013.


Sampling food is still theft!
We watched this person walking around a local grocery store. He didn't just take
the odd grape as some shoppers do. He grabbed small handfuls of items from
the deli and bakery section. That's stealing! (Click on pic to enlarge.)

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Rockland's Pierrette Levesque wins lottery

A retired Canada Post employee from Rockland, Pierrette Levesque, is the newest multi-millionaire after hitting the jackpot and winning $20,113,060.60 from the Nov. 16 Lotto 6/49 draw. She bought the winning ticket at Grenon Independent on Laurier Street.

Levesque says her only regret is that her husband is not here to share in her joy, as he passed away almost exactly five years ago. Read more and watch video.

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Results of the special meeting - Monday, October 28, 2013
1. To discuss the rearrangement of City Halls and Council Chambers
2. Dr. Annie Powers tree, 1887 Laurier Street

(Rockland, Monday, October 28, 2013) After a false start last Thursday (Oct.24) when there were not enough council members to make up a quorum (at least five people have to be present), this morning's meeting included: Mayor Marcel Guibord, and councillors Guy Félio, Diane Choinère, René Campeau and André Henrie.

The first item was the Powers tree:
There was much discussion but no strong direction and the matter will go back to full council. Councillor Campeau did make a sugestion that the tree (or Dr. Powers) should be commemorated with a plaque, which would be put on the property and would then be affixed to any building that may be erected in future. It was further suggested that the owner of the property, Roger Beaulne, would donate $500 towards the purchase of a plaque.

Towards the end of this item, the president of the Clarence-Rockland Environmental Society (CRES), Claude Vachon, approached the table to read a prepared statement regarding the matter, however he was advised that this was not the forum to do this, and that he would have to appear before the next council meeting (on November 4).

City Halls and Council Chambers:
Couincillor Félio made a motion to spend $150K towards three requirements which would go towards returning the City Hall to Clarence Creek:
  1. Communications - upgrading Internet and telephone service
  2. City Staff - moving certain departments to Clarence Creek and reorganizing others to remain in Rockland
  3. City Council - moving the council chambers to Clarence Creek

After some discussion, the motion was agreed to in principle, with the proviso that the money ($150,000) would be included in the 2014 budget.

After a recess, the council members and several department heads, including the Chief Administrative Officer, returned to the table to begin the budget process.

The following notice appeared on the C-R website later this same day:

The special meeting of the Committee of the Whole in regards to the budget / strategic planning will continue on Tuesday October 29th at 7:00 p.m. Counsel Chambers - Town Hall

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Grass roots movement initiated to petition C-R Council
to return to polls and ballot boxes

By Patrick Meikle
(Hammond, Wednesday, October 23, 2013) Given all of the problems from the E-voting system in the 2010 election, Rockland resident Jacques Taillefer is heading up a non-partisan movement to start collecting names for a petition that will be sent to the Clarence-Rockland City Council, with the aim of reversing the voting system, from electronic voting, to the traditional "personal voting, in a polling station".

Mr. Taillefer (left) was invited by the Hammond Community Association to hold an information session at the Alphonse-Carrière centre. During the gathering of 14 persons, he:

  • outlined his concerns about the problems with E-voting;
  • highlighted similar problems and concerns from a June 2013 report by Elections Ontario - Alternative Voting Techniques;
  • presented a copy of the proposed "Petition to the Municipal Council of the City of Clarence-Rockland, and
  • showed a Facebook page "True Vote Clarence-Rockland" where members of the public can sign an online petition as well as keep abreast of updates and developments

Mr. Taillefer said that he will be working hard in the coming months to have a petition in hand before the next municipal election in 2014.

The photo at right shows Eric Paquette demonstrating the online Facebook page to Rockland resident Suzanne Normoyle. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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Clarence-Rockland City Council met on Monday
(Click on pic to enlarge... Photo: Patrick Meikle)

By Patrick Meikle

(Rockland, Monday, October 21, 2013)The meeting started at 6:30 p.m. with the usual opening prayer, etc., however the councillors soon retired to the anti-room for an "in-camera" session, dealing with topics (5.1 to 5.4) you can read from the agenda.

When this reporter arrived at 7:00 p.m. the closed meeting was still in session and Inspector Pietro Di Rinaldo, Detachment Commander, Russell County was observed talking to council members, the mayor, clerk and CAO. About what? Probably item 5.4, Security Planning.

The "in-camera" broke up shortly before 8:00 p.m. when council members returned to their semi-circle. Of course nothing about the closed meeting was offered to the public.

The next item to come up was the Question Period (QP), however before it started, Mayor Guibord advised the public of the conditions of the the QP and to reinforce his comments, he had the Bylaw Director, Yves Rivard outline in both official languages, what the terms were. (You can read part of the explanation, also shown under Item 8 of the agenda.

The announcement seemed to have the desired affect because the QP was a much tamer affair than the one at the previous meeting on October 7.

You should be able to catch the QP on local cable TVC22 website sometime Tuesday, or view it on Tuesday evening if you get Cable channel TVC22.

Editorial observations:
As per usual, I can only record my observations, as 95 per cent plus of the meeting was conducted in the French language only and with the
rinky-dink sound system, the ambient noise in the chamber, and the continuous outbursts from the (peanut) gallery (remember Howdy Doody?), it is impossible to give an accurate report. However without going in to detail, here are some comments:

  • the mayor again arbitrarily stopped the QP while there were still people waiting to speak
  • someone, or something, literally pulled the plug on the sound system and the main TV camera that focuses on the mayor, during the QP, so a pee break was called. (This delay and counter questions by some council members, took up the 30 minutes dedicated for questions, so that three or four people were stopped from advancing to the microphone.)
  • As you know, the council is split four and four (Félio, Choinière, Henrie, Campeau) -vs- Surrurier, Payer, Desjardins, Thivierge) so when there is a tie vote, the Lord Mayor sides with F,C,H.C., so on any of the contentious issues voted upon this evening, you know who won.
  • One reliable source advised that prior to the QP, Councillor Payer evidently had a dust up with Councillor Félio and perhaps the mayor, so he (Payer) refused to participate in the "huis clos" and was seen sitting all by his lonesome at the table.
  • At one point during the long waiting period, around 7:30-ish, several members of the gallery started to clap their hands, reminding one of a theatre audience when the show doesn't start in time. I guess stamping one's feet doesn't work on a concrete underlay.
  • In case you missed it, only a few saw it, there was a humorous incident at the council table, when Councillor Thivierge went to take a drink of water from his cup, only to find a fly had drowned in it
  • It looks like the council is going to vote on cutting down the famous Dr.. Annie Powers tree on Laurier Street. (Councillor Payer seemed to express his frustration saying that enough is enough, they keep discussing this thing and it's time to finish it.
  • A person well known to the Canaan Connexion, and part of the City of Ottawa administration, when I covered City Hall in the 1980s, happened to be at this meeting, and could only voice his "disgust" with the way this council conducts itself, as well as the way many of the public conduct themselves. I can only agree. (The only worse that I can think of is what is currently going on during question period in the House of Commons. The mayor and the P.M. must have skated for the same team.)
  • An while we are talking about conduct, what's with all of these men wearing their hats in the council chambers. I guess I come from a different era, when there was a certain hat etiquette observed... reference...)
  • (Watch this space for news updates...)

Estimating that the meeting would probably drag on until midnight, the Canaan Connexion left the meeting at 9:50 p.m., with many more items of seemingly less importance, to be discussed.

However, as mentioned above, you can catch all of the exciting action on TVC22.

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Clarence-Rockland Council meeting a stand off between protesters and a mayor who will not resign 

Just a few of the protesters waiting for Mayor Marcel Guibord outside of the Bourget
location for the Clarence-Rockland council meeting - Photos - Patrick Meikle
(Click on photo to enlarge)

(Bourget, Monday, October 7, 2013) In a (French) story in Monday evening's online edition, the Vision Newspaper quoted Mayor Guibord as saying: "It's been three years since we were elected. We were elected for a term of four years. We have a right and an obligation and we are not obliged to leave here. Read more...

Further coverage:

  • In a related CBC Monday evening news story, reporter Waubgeshig Rice, live from the Bourget council location, offered a brief update as protesters started to arrive. More...
  • Ottawa Citizen says: ‘We are going to stay’ defiant mayor tells hostile crowd - Beleaguered Clarence-Rockland politicians face ratepayers at first meeting since criminal charges laid. To read more and to view the many photos, Click here....
  • CBC Ottawa News reports: Protesters call for Clarence-Rockland mayor to resign - Monday night city council meeting ends abruptly after more than 100 people turn out to protest. Click here...
  • Le Droit reports: "Citizen demand the mayor's removal" - The French story here...
  • MSN/Radio-Canada - French coverage of the meeting, with video. Click here...
  • Local Cable TVC-22 - full coverage of the meeting. Click here...
  • For more information on the protest, its fallout and links to other items, you can visit the Citoyen de Clarence-Rockland Citizen Facebook page.
  • An internet website has also been put up for anyone who wishes to sign a petition requesting that the three members of council "rescue themselves from their positions of trust as members of Council of the City of Clarence-Rockland." Click here...

Who says the Canaan Connexion wasn't there? Can you spot the C.C. Editor?

(Captured by CBC News... click to enlarge)

Clarence-Rockland Council - Continuing News Roundup:

(These three members of Clarence-Rockland City Council, along with lawyer Stéphane
Lalonde have been charged with breach of trust. Photo collage - Vision Newspaper)

Patrick Meikle
Canaan Connexion

To follow recent events, we have collected and isolated a number of news items taken from different sources. Click here to read our previous stories, including:

  • The results of the first court apperance... click here.
  • Clarence-Rockland mulls arrest powers for by-law officers
  • Clarence-Rockland councillors ponder handcuffs for unruly protesters at council meetings
  • Catholic school board places teacher Diane Choinière on leave in view of Rockland corruption scandal
  • Rockland resident requests "immediate resignation" of certain council members
  • Citizen editorial untangles the web in Clarence-Rockland
  • Guibord intends to stayon as mayor
  • Clarence-Rockland mayor, councillors and lawyer formally charged in political corruption probe
  • Daniel Gatien soulagé (Daniel Gatien relieved)
  • Former C-R CAO threatens legal action against city
  • Clarence-Rockland City Council meets behind closed doors
  • "Old guard" responds to mayor's statement
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UPDATE on Frank Kenny hit and run:
Vehicle in fatal Navan hit-and-run was likely a dark red GM, police say
(Thursday, September 26, 2013) Ottawa police have released new details about a vehicle that may have been involved in a fatal hit-and-run in Navan in mid-August. More...

The original story:
Man killed in hit-and-run in east end On Frank Kenny Road near Navan
(August 2013) A man was killed in an early morning hit-and-run on Sunday. Ottawa Police were contacted by a motorist who spotted a body in the middle of Frank Kenny Road, near Navan, around 5:30 a.m.. Read more...

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Rockland Ontario Provincial Police:
Looking for three suspects in violent home invasion

(Monday, September 16, 2013) Local Police are looking for three suspects after a violent home invasion in Rockland on Sunday. It happened on Raymond Street Sunday at about 6:30 p.m.

Three armed suspects forced their way into a townhouse and threatened the male resident. Police said the man suffered minor injuries, but would not provide further details.

For more information and a description of the men,
click here.
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Another gift from Ottawa...
Heavy rain has sent more sewage into the Ottawa River, which quickly flows east to Rockland and beyond.

Downpours earlier this week have pushed 6.5 million litres of sewage and stormwater into the Ottawa River. It's the 29th overflow so far this year.

The City has a plan to build bigger underground storage tanks to prevent the spills, but wants millions of dollars from the upper levels of government before moving ahead with the project.
Speaking of sewers:
On May 29, 1929, a series of explosions in the sewers of Ottawa, Canada, killed one person.
Read about it here..

(Click on ic to enlarge.)
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Ottawa Police charge Rockland man with robbery
(Friday, September 13, 2013) The Ottawa Police Service robbery Unit has has charged an 18 year-old Rockland man after yet another incident on the Transitway involving a cellphone robbery -- this time at gunpoint.

On September 10, 2013, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a teenaged male victim met with the suspect at the Fallowfield transit station after a meeting was arranged using an online site. The victim was selling a phone and was contacted by the suspect. At the meeting, after the phone was turned over to the suspect, it became clear the suspect had no money and then showed the victim that he was carrying a handgun. The victim fled the immediate area and contacted Police. Police attended and arrested the suspect who still remained in the area. There were no injuries. The phone and handgun, determined to be a pellet gun, were recovered.

Mattieu Poulin, age 18 of Rockland, is charged with robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, use of firearm during commission of an offence, and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public. Poulin appears in court again on September 13, 2013.

Steps to Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Personal Info
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FOR SALE - Blue Jay - Forest Hill
Why are houses not moving?

(This Blue Jay residence is one of several that are up for sale - Photo Patrick Meikle)

Some six to eight houses are up for sale in the Blue Jay and Forest Hill residential areas off of Canaan Road, but none of them seem to be moving. Why? Is real estate not moving? Are the prices too high? Are the mortgage conditions too strict for first-time buyers? Will an open house work for this family? Check out the price and features and take the virtual tour. Click here...

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OPP charge Blue Jay resident with drug offences

(What looked to neighbours like a stolen car at the end of a dead end, turned in to a major drug bust as several police units converged on a home on Blue Jay Drive, off of Canaan Road. Residents reacted with total surprise when they learned that one of their own had been cultivating a grow-op. - Photo Patrick Meikle)

(Clarence-Rockland - September 3, 2013) Members of the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau (OCEB), Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) - Project Paradigm, the Russell County Crime Unit, the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), Canine unit and the Russell County OPP Detachment executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrant at a residence on Blue Jay Drive, in the City of Clarence-Rockland Ontario.

Police seized 63 mature cannabis marihuana plants, 2 small cannabis marihuana plants, 7 cannabis marihuana clones, 72 grams of cannabis marihuana (buds), 2110 grams cannabis marihuana shake and digital scales.

The estimated street value of the drugs seized is approximately $ 65,000.00.

Mark BEDARD, 45, of the City of Clarence-Rockland is charged with:

  • Production of cannabis marihuana
  • Possession of a Schedule II substance (cannabis marihuana) for the purpose of trafficking.
  • Possession of a Schedule II substance (cannabis marihuana)

The accused has been released with conditions and will appear is scheduled to appear in court on November 6th 2013 at the Ontario Court of Justice in L’Orignal (ON).

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Clarence-Rockland has a new radio station... CHRC-FM 92.5
Still testing the local signal but it has put up its website.


(Tuesday, September 17, 2013) Clarence-Rockland's new radio station, CHRC-FM 92.5 is now on air but only playing continuous music, as they test the local signal. They are asking residents to contact them by email, "if you experience any signal problems".

There is a link on their page so you can listen to the music.

CHRC will broadcast an English language adult contemporary format on the frequency of 92.5 MHz/FM. The station is owned by Evanov Communications. Read more...

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Other headlines of local interest...

Calypso Water Park is being sued

Former Rough Riders, Renegades season tix holders to get first crack at RedBlacks seats

North Glengarry man and woman killed on cycling trip in northwestern Ontario

Brigil plans 15-storey buildings near Petrie Island

Clarence-Rockland one of few hyphented cities in Ontario

High-speed Internet is gaining ground in Eastern Ontario including Rockland, Bourget

Orléans to get new movie theatres at Town Centre on Centrum Blvd

Ottawa councillor wants to set up toll for Rockland drivers going to Ottawa

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Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) for July:
The Gatineau Police Service and Ottawa Police Service’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) will focus on
cycling safety and unsafe vehicles safety during the month of July as part of its ongoing commitment to keeping Ottawa’s roads safe.

Click here to see links to our feature pages, gas prices,
Ottawa Police Services' monthly S.T.E.P. program..
and all of our more recent news stories.

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Ardeth Wood murder, ten years ago...
Ten years ago, Orleans resident, Ardeth Wood, home for a summer holiday from her university classes, was murdered. Read our initical coverage of the story here.
And read the sepcial coverage by CBC Ottawa, here.
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Product recall:
Molson Canadian Cider, glass fragments in bottles
(Thursday, July 11, 2013) The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Molson Coors Canada are warning people not to drink certain bottles of Molson Canadian Cider because they may contain glass fragments.

Both the single glass bottles and the six-packs are potentially affected. The affected single 341 ml bottles are stamped with UPC 0 56327 00866 3 and three different bottle codes. The six-packs are stamped with UPC 0 56327 00824 3 and three different bottle codes listed online.

Molson Coors Canada recalled the cider from stores. The CFIA said there have been no reports of injuries.

Canaan Connexion checked with Rockland's Beer Store and LCBO and learned that the bottle product was not sold in either store. The LCBO does sell the cider in cans, however it was only the bottled product that was affected by the recall.
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Former Ottawa mayor named to CAO position

(Photo taken from his Twitter page)

(Tuesday, June 18, 2013) The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Michel Bellemare, a former Ottawa city councillor and one-time acting mayor has been hired as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Clarence-Rockland. He will be replacing Pierre Tessier, 68, who is retiring after 18 months on the job.
Read more where we have a link to his biography...

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Watch for horses on rural roads
(From Orleans EMC News, Jun 20, 2013) According to a story just published in the Orleans edition of the EMC News, with warmer weather arriving, Ottawa police report an increase in complaints relating to aggressive drivers approaching riders on horseback.

The police would like to remind motorists, especially those travelling in rural areas, to drive with care when approaching and overtaking drawn or ridden horses.

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, drivers must exercise every reasonable precaution to prevent the frightening of a horse or other animal and to ensure the safety of the rider.
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Upcoming Queensway(417)/174 ramp closures and lane reductions if you drive in to Ottawa
(Friday, July 19, 2013) Starting Monday, July 22 there will be additional lane closures on Highway 417 in both directions between Nicholas Street and the 174 split.

The City of Ottawa has put together a long list of upcoming ramp closures and lane reductions on Highway 417 and Regional Road 174. We offer this information to our readers because many of our residents drive these main traffic arteries.

You can follow the upcoming ramp closures and lane reductions by reading the City of Ottawa "Media Advisories".
Click here. (We will continue to pass on this information as we get it.)

(Wednesday, July 24, 2013) Changes to traffic movements and overnight lane reductions on Rideau Street...
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$50,000 reward:
For info in woman’s hit and run death in Fournier
(March 22, 2012)The Ontario Provincial Police are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Jessica Godin, last seen alive on the evening of last Sept. 22 at a park near Du Parc Street in Fournier.
Read More with a link to a video...

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Health Tip: What would you do if you saw someone who had an apparent heart attack (sudden cardiac arrest)? Would you know how to help? Watch this video. It could help you to save someone's life. Click here...
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Weather satellite for the eastern seaboard


(Editor's Comment: Sometimes trying to get weather reports for our area is like trying to catch a firefly... very difficult. I think it is just as easy to look out the window, or to read the current Farmer's Almanac, but this satellite shot may show what's coming.)

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Patrick Meikle
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Rockland resident
Carole Gagnon
requests "immediate resignation from our city council" of : M. Guibord, Mr. Felio et Mme Choinière,
Read more

Ward 5 Meeting

 The turn out was small, but a meeting with Ward 5 Councillor Guy Félio and his constituents, along with C-R's Gilles Maranda, Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, proved very helpful, as well as providing a few revelations for the City as a whole. Click here for more...

Bus-Train Collision
OC Transpo staff work together to recover from trauma of fatal bus-train crash

Investigators revisit accident scene seeking causes of OC Transpo bus crash

Prière infaillible
à la Vierge Marie

Fleur toute belle du Mont-Carmel,vigne fructueuse, Splendeur du ciel,Mère bénie du fils de Dieu, Assistez-moi dans mes besoins. More...

Suzanne Lalonde
(Née Desormeaux)

A member of the Jean-Marc, Richard, Raymond family.

Health Canada recalls for your attention: Several craft glue guns

Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers


( So far, the remains of 42 of the 47 people presumed to have perished in the July 6 train explosion have been found.)

Beware of summer thieves
Every year about this time we seem to get a rash of thefts from

Watch and slow down for
turtles on the road

It's the warm season again and turtles are on the move. Please keep an eye out. More...

Could Clarence-Rockland council take a page out of the Hawkesbury book? Click here

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Burn ban lifted!
The burn ban that was announced
earlier in the week, was removed
early Saturday afternoon.


Man killed in hit-and-run in east end On Frank Kenny Road near Navan

A man was killed in an early morning hit-and-run on Sunday. Ottawa Police were contacted by a motorist who spotted a body in the middle of Frank Kenny Road, near Navan, around 5:30 a.m.. Read more...

2013 Navan Fair
August 8-11th!
(Visit their website
for all the events!)

We have been away...

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John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. This is the 50th Anniversary of the event. Those of us of an age can remember exactly where we were at the time.

(There has been so much that has been written and documented about President Kennedy and a great deal of coverage on this anniversary that it is impossible to give it fair coverage here. However if you Google "John F. Kennedy" you will find a huge number of references to read.) More...